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[All Platforms][Social] A 'Spotify soulmate' in Wrapped

Since there is a Spotify Wrap at the end of the year there could also be a feature where you can see the user that was most similar to yourself over the whole course of the year, This could include their listening habits, music taste, favorite genre, favorite song etc...

It could be interesting to see who, out of the hundreds of millions of Spotify listeners, is just like you. It could be a novelty that is added to the Spotify Wrap.

Afterward, you can add them as a friend and share music in the future.

Updated on 2022-05-25

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


This would be such a good surprise! I hope you pull it off, Spotify!


This would help a lot of people (like myself) that has a lot of non-mainstream musical interests. We get some users that match up closely it could allow us to follow them and discover new artists/songs we may miss. 


This would actually be really dope!


I just had the same idea. You were faster 🙂

It would be interesting to see who has a similar taste. By seeing who is similar you could get new inspirations for new songs / artists as well.

I think there is a lot what can be done with this idea.


In case you are scrobbling your Spotify listening to, you can check the Neighbours tab on your user profile which lists users with a similar taste.

The official Last.year 2022 listening report will hopefully be published tomorrow afternoon/evening or maybe later on Monday.


Good Idea


That's a fantastic idea, I'd love that. Of course, as people have said, you'd get matched only if you allow it.


I love this idea, maybe make it something one could opt into? Personally I like the idea, but might want it only within my friends on Spotify. Would be cool to get a random person though!


Options could be:

- no 

- only with my friends 

- with anyone






I love the posted idea and think it should be implemented.


Since Spotify isn't allowing new idea posts at the moment, I'm commenting on the closest idea with traction.


My idea is an ongoing, optional friend finder feature based on listening activity and followed artists with also optional direct messaging capability.  Spotify users who toggled these features on in settings would be matched to users with similar musical tastes and be able to follow them, message them, share music, and otherwise interact to become true online music friends rather than solely playlist followers.  Friend suggestions could be shown through pop-ups, by scrolling down the homepage to a friend category, or by clicking the notification icon.  This feature could enable melomaniacs/music collectors/music history nerds currently lacking a community or looking to expand their community to make meaningful connections discussing their favorite music and discovering new music together.


Another idea is an optional feature to match users with concert buddies based on listening activity and followed artists.  This could be an add-on to the in-person concerts & events notification.  Spotify users could toggle this feature on and select a mile radius from their location or “anywhere” in settings.  Spotify would notify the user of a concert and ask if they’re interested in attending with concert buddies.  If yes, they would receive suggestions of users who also answered yes and be able to message individuals as they choose, extend virtual invitations to meet up at the show, or add them to a group chat to discuss logistics.  This could work for pairs and groups. 


It would be cool if the messenger could translate language input to allow for global connectivity, but I know language technology is a work in progress.  If translation isn't an option initially, Spotify users could select their preferred countries and languages for friend finding in settings or Spotify could default to their current location and language.


Lastly, there should of course be safety mechanisms in place to block users from following you and report inappropriate messages or activity. 


By the way, the site is still active where you can import your top artists from Spotify, and Facebook to find people with a similar taste in your neighbourhood e.g. to go to concerts with.

In other news the new Labs section on for Pro users has a feature called Bubbles which can compare the top artists of any other user to yours and also show the exclusive top artists of you and the other user. So this is useful e.g. for comparing one of your neighbours to you in more detail.