[All Platforms] Visualizer

I think it would be awesome it spotify had a visualizer that synced up with the music.  It is a feature I use in iTunes when I have company over and I believe Spotify would benefit from having one.

Updated: 2015-04-15

Hey everyone. While we used to have a visualizer beta for you all this feature has been removed. We're reopening this idea for a visualizer with the Desktop app. You can continue to leave your feedback for this feature here, thanks!


please do this


I would love to see this app made! On a normal day on Spotify there is always a moment where I would like to have a visualizer show for an awesome song. Im sure that there are many out there that feel the same as I do.  Keep on doing what your doing Spotify, blown away by this amazing sevice, but a visualizser may just put it over the top for me. :smileyhappy:


can we have a visual effects like they have in winamp? It can be app or embedded in the software.


also if spotify is minimized, a notification for the next music would be nice.


awesome job guys.


A visualization option is offered by most other music applications. I use Spotify almost exclusively now, and I miss the visualizer in iTunes. Please make a visualization setting for Spotify! And don't forget the Mac version!


You guys definitely need to get a visualizer on here. I love using Spotify to help me fall asleep, and if there's not a visualizer on my computer settings are on eco, so it thinks my computer is doing nothing and falls asleep.....and yet here I am awake. :(

I love Spotify, best invention ever. I just really would like a visualizer. I don't need all these crazy apps, just a visualizer. Please and thank you.


Please make a visualizer app that you can use when playing within spotify.  Every other player on the planet has one, if there is an app already made please pointing me in the right direction would be very much appreciated! thanks!!


I was about to post this. This would really turn spotify into a home entertainment tool. 


Add a minimized search/queue feature and people could select their next song without disrupting the visualizer.


Wanted to sleep with the visualizer on. I was bummed to see Spotify did not have one. I would love to see a visualizer for Spotify!:smileyhappy:


Will someone please write a community supported visualizer app for spotify? 


I think you should be able to watch videos as ur music is playing like the itunes Visulizer 

graphics that swoop and pulse with the music


It would be a very cool extra bonus, so if u play the music on a TV it would show these cool grapics