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I'm a bit of a neat freak, I like to keep my albums and playlists organised. Why isn't there an option to delete the Daily Mix playlists created by the algorithms? 

I don't like being spoon fed, especially by A.I. 

Now, I have a bunch of Daily Mixes there are irrelevant because friends and family took over my laptop/ phone at gatherings.

Please include this option asap, or I'm going to have to move music platforms.

I'm 100% sure there are others out there with the same issue.


Many thanks.





Marked as a new idea + edited title 🙂

Status changed to: New Idea

I have a similar request. I'd like to see an option to play, even favorite, a playlist but add a check box to indicate that it should not be considered in Daily Mixes. I used to have the best daily mixes, but now that I've started listening to ambient music to go to sleep, all of my daily mixes are ambient music. I don't want to listen to that all day.