[All Platforms][Your Library] Delete Songs from Account History

There should be a way for me to control my history of songs played. Sometimes I accidentally play things I don't want to hear or I try listening to songs I don't like. I should be able to remove them from my history so that my stats are accurate for song and music suggestions. 


Also....My account was hacked and someone played music I would never listen to. I can't delete those songs from my history. I can only remove them from my recently played section. I DON'T LIKE THAT!


I tried to ask a customer service agent to delete the songs, but they said it couldn't be done. Wow! Move to the 21st century, Spotify, and give your customers some more control. Sheesh!

Updated on 2019-12-05

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea - we've also edited slightly the title of your idea to make your suggestion more clear to other users.

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Music Fan

I am voting for this, because one of my kids was using my Spotify account instead of theirs all summer long by accident, and now my "Discover Weekly" playlist is full of new rap music, which I absolutely don't want to be recommended to me. Thankfully my "Release Radar" playlist is still good, but my "Discover Weekly" and other suggested music has been severely skewed by my errant listening history. Please let us remove individual artists/songs from our history to fix our suggestions, similar to how Amazon lets you do the same with your product browsing history.


My kid stopped using my account in around September or October, but Spotify is STILL recommended these to me even though I haven't been listening to them in months. 


If it is easier for the developers, I would be happy with just a "Reset My Listening History" function that will wipe out all my history and I'll just build it up from scratch again.


The same thing happened to me - My account was hacked and I didn't notice for about 4 days - they played something like 3,000 arabic songs during that period, so guess what my suggestions are flooded with? Yep, a bunch of songs I would never listen to.  It would be helpful if you could delete songs/artists from your recently played or "heavy rotation" lists. 

Casual Listener

so here is a possible solution i have a lot of favorites to listen to so i went thru and listened to them all nothing else not even the discover list im sure that influences it too that helped change the mind of the programing slowly try that see how it works


I turned on "Private Session" because I thought that the algorithm would be turned off and that Spotify wouldn't record the songs I was listening to in their database. I then heard 2 audiobooks and now the author is my favourite artist (because the audiobooks were split into 2min "songs")

Not being able to delete or prevent recording the listening history just makes a bad user experience and ends up with false results in 2020 wrapped. Why even care when it's full with wrong artists anyway.