[All Platforms][Your Library] Increase maximum Songs allowed in Your Music

I feel like the maximum amount of songs allowed in one playlist, and subsequently in "Songs" playlist under the new "Collections" feature, should be more than 10,000.


Quite frankly it should be unlimited. 


We are paying for a service but limited on how many songs we are able to save? That is absurd to me.


I recently started saving all of my albums into "Collections" and got stuck at about 1/4 of the way through - 10,000 songs has been reached and I am no longer able to save any more albums.




Updated on 2017-09-06

Hey folks, we're back to give this idea a bit of an update. 



As we've previously said, less than 1% of users are reaching this Your Library limit. The current limit ensures a great experience for 99% of users instead of an "OK" experience for 100%. 


We've kept a close eye on your feedback though and we agree if a solution for this could be met it would be beneficial for everyone. While this isn't in our current timeline we're changing this to "Good Idea" and we'll update you if we have any info. Thanks!


I honestly find it a bit silly that they say they don't mind giving "An OK service to the 1% that fills the collection", when we are the most dedicated spotify users out there, and most likely paying a premium. I don't see how increasing the limit is in any way complicated, this should not be an issue.



                >> Why would anybody keep posting to this thread?


Look around through just the last two pages of this thread-- This thread is unique for great praise-- by addressing the greatest problem that threatens us all-- Possibly, Spotify in the future will make it impossible to save, edit, and play from one unified listing of 100K tracks.


So those of us who almost daily play from our growing 100K Spotify track collections-- as exemplified by my public profile-- check here and post here regularly-- We keep checking here to see if anyone has found some change or other degradation in the Spotify system that breaks any of our "user programming fixes" that enable us to do the necessary saving, editing, and playing from one unified listing of far over 100K Spotify tracks.


And all of the discussion here is very useful-- We need to know, for example, what all of you have found about converting and transferring our huge Spotify collections to some streaming service-- should that become necessary.


And for our benefit some very BadAndInventive artist has organized that team of "user programming fixes" to read and rank each and every posting made to this thread-- and send back Kudos to whoever is worthy.  (I laugh.)  So I likewise send by hand my own Kudos to the last three postings above which I find very valuable to me.


And my many thanks to my great friend, that BadAndInventive artist, master of the Kudos team on this thread!



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Guys this thread was started by @takingbackbenny 2014-04-05... 


Our five-year anniversary is coming up. 


Are we getting each other gifts or...


 Well spotted on the upcoming anniversary. And what an epic collection of posts this is, friends.


Thank you Spotify. You have provided a tremendous platform for so many of your paying customers to share our amazement at your complete lack of interest in this issue. Maybe for the big birthday we can all chip in and buy a nice trophy engraved "In recognition of the worlds worst ever customer service."


Anyone here has a connection with a well-known blogger, youtuber, etc. ?

You could suggest him to to write something about how Spotify *s...s* on this topic.


By experience, even big companies only start caring about their customer requests when we threaten to make the thing visible on the social nets.

I've been tweeting this to the CEO, Spotify, and SpotifyCares account every
so often. I recommend everyone does the same.
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I also submitted this (along with other proposals) on a list that will directly reach Spotify. Let's see what happens.


I post here periodically because Spotify deserves to be harassed until it fixes the problem. If it hasn't done so by the time my student discount runs out, I'll probably take my business elsewhere.

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Spotify clearly doesn't care and will happily let us fulminate impotently in this forum forever- the only thing that will get this moving is a higher profile public campaign - social media for example as previously mentioned. Hashtag suggestions?


Less than 600 votes to 10000. Is there a limit on that?


Hopefully we get a result from all those messages to the CEO and others