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[All Platforms] "Don't Like Button" should be added to all sections

Hello everyone,


I am not sure why it keeps changing between updates, although in the past Daily Mixes have the Like & Dislike button. But this time around it has been completely removed and is only available Under Your Weekly Discovery.


It would be nice if the "Don't Like Button" was added everywhere, from Weekly Discovery, Daily Mixes, even when searching specific songs, albums, genres etc. to better filter our music preferences.

Also I find on Android on the drop down menu the Don't like button rarely ever works and have to enter the app directly. Like always works perfectly fine.


I would appreciate it if this could be considered.

Thank you


Updated on 2020-05-04

Hi everyone,

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.
We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.

Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.

If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


Is this still being looked at? It is the 13th top-rated Idea from what I can tell, has 4,500 +Votes, but the last update was 2.5 years ago. This was actually one of the reasons I stopped using the Desktop app initially. I just recently came back to it and found that this still isn't implemented after purposefully being removed 3-4 years ago. It is a pain having to go to my phone to hide/dislike a song on my playlists so I can stop listening to it and improve my recommendations.


Really needed. I hate, i meant i *HATE* Crazy Frog and Perry Gripp (count your blessings if you don't know them) - but my grandkids love them and want to listen ALL the time.  That's fine, but I don't want those "artist" in my daily mix or my year end review.  Spotify needs a feature that lets you say I'm listening to this artist/song under duress. 


Why on Earth do we still not have this feature? It's clearly wanted, I can see literally no upside to denying us this ability (which we literally used to already have), and you allegedly accepted this as a "good idea" YEARS ago. How hard can it be to just give us back this button? How cheap and shoddy is this app that you can't even do this? It's things like this that are making me feel more and more like canceling my subscription would be the right call.


It appears that Spotify clearly doesn't care about this group of users.  So i guess they won't miss my money.  Just discovered that YouTube music has several times more songs in their catalog than Spotify.   And this ongoing "Don't like button " fiasco just makes the decision a no-brainer.  Good bye  spotify.  We tried to warn you for years.   But you just don't give a **bleep**.  F U.


Agreed people should vote for it!


I would really like to BLOCK songs.

That would prevent Spotify from monetizing the ability to shove them into
your ears whether you like them or not.

Came from YT Music where I could chose what I like and not and seeing that here it's not an option will make me go back... Add it or you'll lose customers (I'm a premium user)


This idea was posted years ago. You are focing me to use another service. 


Why is there still no option to dislike on desktop? I don't see how the inability to dislike benefits anyone