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[All Platforms] "Don't Like Button" should be added to all sections

Hello everyone,


I am not sure why it keeps changing between updates, although in the past Daily Mixes have the Like & Dislike button. But this time around it has been completely removed and is only available Under Your Weekly Discovery.


It would be nice if the "Don't Like Button" was added everywhere, from Weekly Discovery, Daily Mixes, even when searching specific songs, albums, genres etc. to better filter our music preferences.

Also I find on Android on the drop down menu the Don't like button rarely ever works and have to enter the app directly. Like always works perfectly fine.


I would appreciate it if this could be considered.

Thank you


Updated on 2020-05-04

Hi everyone,

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.
We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.

Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.

If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


Agreed this needs to implemented very badly, even if it's glitchy. They removed the like button and that was crazy glitchy for me, but it was still better having it. Likes & dislikes are some of the biggest features needed on any platform from Netflix to YouTube to spotify. The only reasons I can think of not to have them is 1: (fake)padding retention rates like Netflix, needing to scroll through and see so much you don't want making the service seem better, but I don't think that would be the same problem on a music app. 2: It's too difficult for these large companies to implement? Which would mean maybe a long time before anyone is able to do it well enough to implement.


Either way, I REALLY hope they figure it out but I think it might be another decade before it happens. 


I don’t know if any actual engineers will see this, but I and everyone I’ve talked to about this has stopped using mixes and playlists altogether and only use shuffle on the ‘likes’ playlist because of how bad the algorithm is at always serving the same 10 songs no matter what the mix is or what playlist gets played or shuffled. If anyone is reading this something is seriously wrong with the process as is, and a all platform mute or dislike would be a good step forward.


I don't think this button will ever be implemented. I have quit using Spotify all together. Found Accuradio which plays music without commercials. Within each style there are many playlists. I always play classical and finally can play complete symphonies and not a 1 minute track from 1 movement.😀


Spotify is terrible these days.  They got rid of the desktop app so they could have a unified app and then they hide controls that would work cross platform because... nobody knows, actually.  Probably to push people to use the app.


But I can't use the iOS app because it hijacks my volume and set it to maximum randomly, blowing out my eardrums or waking me up at 3am.


it's almost the end of 2023, 4 years on.... any movement on this one Spotify? 

The algorithm is pretty good but I want to help it be better by telling it want I don't like. It is immensely annoying when in the middle of a good playlist some track that I really dislike pops up and ruins the vibe.


Is the non existent Dislike option the same as in  the case of Youtube: If we hide the option to dislike, people will forget about it and like more? Because it might hurt someones frail ego? This is not even that hard of a request. Looks like a social manipulation to me.


5,114 people agree for this idea to be implemented, and yet it's still absent? How many more votes does it take to add this feature? Even if there are those who don't want to use it, I don't see how this idea would ruin their experience. Can this simply be scripted as a condition if true, execute the code by not adding it to the user's playlist? People tend to want to listen to music they like than don't like.


It would also be nice to hear about what's causing the hold up for this feature.

Je ne trouve pas de bouton pour indiquer que je n'aime pas un titre l9nf0

I’m constantly receiving top 40 type of artist & genre recommendations even though I don’t listen to any of that & my playlists don’t include it. How is it that Spotify has the ability to offer decent suggestions after an artist’s top songs finish & other artists are auto played, yet be so off when it comes to the Check This Out suggestions on the home page? There needs to better personalization when it comes to curated playlists & album suggestions. 


Also, there are over 5k upvotes for this suggestion. How many are needed for Spotify to recognize this is a necessary implementation? There are so many other blatant no brainer oversights when it comes to must need features that continue to be absent from the app. Like the ability to auto replace tracks with higher quality remasters of the same song, & the option to auto remove duplicates (such as unintentionally adding the same song to a playlist because a song is available on multiple albums (greatest hits, re-releases, etc). 


The emotional response to hearing a song that is annoying to you is much stronger and worse than Spotify internal seems to realize. It's extremely frustrating to be listening to music and have a song pop up that you don't like on any regular basis. It is crucial for a positive experience using Spotify that they provide an easy way of preventing an annoying song from ever playing.


Spotify internal should prioritize this and save the sanity of everyone -- the context doesn't matter (playlist, radio, top 10 list, wtv), when I don't like a song, my opinion is not likely to change in the next couple years.

Respect your users, please.