[All Platforms] "Don't Like Button" should be added to all sections

Hello everyone,


I am not sure why it keeps changing between updates, although in the past Daily Mixes have the Like & Dislike button. But this time around it has been completely removed and is only available Under Your Weekly Discovery.


It would be nice if the "Don't Like Button" was added everywhere, from Weekly Discovery, Daily Mixes, even when searching specific songs, albums, genres etc. to better filter our music preferences.

Also I find on Android on the drop down menu the Don't like button rarely ever works and have to enter the app directly. Like always works perfectly fine.


I would appreciate it if this could be considered.

Thank you


Updated on 2019-10-31

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea.
Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.

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I concur.  Why should we constantly have to be on the lookout for tunes and artists we despise when we’re paying for a premium service? My wife reports that the Pandora dislike button works like a charm.  And that’s why she won’t drop Pandora and get a Spotify family account.

Thanks for the feedback. I like your point about paying for premium.
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1000 + likes and a steady stream of support as seen through the past comments...and the status is still: "New Idea".

At least reassure us that you are aware of the issue and are considering ways to address it.


Yes indeed, let's get past your "Algeritham" and do something already!!!!


Why has this not been sorted out yet Spotify?

It used to be a feature and has been removed without any explanation or reasoning (as per my research).

Not being able to dislike songs or artists and not have them appear in future Playlists ect is like travelling back in time to when we only had the Radio to listen to.

Yes you could pick your radio station or radio DJ but it was a given you still were forced to listen to a large amount of **bleep** you didn't like still.

This topic has been live for months and consistently commented and up voted yet still we do not have a disallow/dislike feature in Spotify.

Give us the choice back because frankly i am losing patience with having to constantly skip artists i do not like repeatedly.


Couldn't agree more.

I guess if we all went to another music provider they may consider it.

So let's all get together and leave Spotify.

Any ideas ??

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Update: I am still waiting this feature to be available especially that the desktop version never likes the dislike button! Plus, I'm starting to get irritated by songs that I dislike such as Justin Bieber (sorry to reveal this to you if you're a fan)! I can block the artist so Spotify can make sure not to play whichever songs are by that artist, but for (example) Selena Gomez, the only song I dislike is "Lose You to Love Me" but I don't want to block the whole artist and want to block just the song but it seems to be impossible to drop a dislike button on it directly since this song never appears on the "Made for User" playlist that are the only playlists to have that feature. If you support me, please keep complaining to Spotify and share this to your friends until Spotify finally listens! The more you complain, the more likely the company will address! Just remember the phrase "Don't Stop Complaining"!


Yes we need Spotify to listen up.


Honestly, spotify continually has gaping holes in user experience.  It's why I've started migrating towards Youtube Music music.youtube.com.

Also I've found the YT music suggestion algorithm to be a lot better for a seed song

I've noticed recently that there is a "don't play this artist" option. From
the home screen search for a artist and then click on the three dots in the
upper right corner. It's worked so far for radio, daily mixes and continue
playing from a play list or album.