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[All Platforms] "Don't Like Button" should be added to all sections

Hello everyone,


I am not sure why it keeps changing between updates, although in the past Daily Mixes have the Like & Dislike button. But this time around it has been completely removed and is only available Under Your Weekly Discovery.


It would be nice if the "Don't Like Button" was added everywhere, from Weekly Discovery, Daily Mixes, even when searching specific songs, albums, genres etc. to better filter our music preferences.

Also I find on Android on the drop down menu the Don't like button rarely ever works and have to enter the app directly. Like always works perfectly fine.


I would appreciate it if this could be considered.

Thank you


Updated on 2020-05-04

Hi everyone,

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.
We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.

Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.

If there are any updates, we'll let you know.

The latest update on this from Spotify is they are all working extra hard
to ignore this thread xD

Why was the dislike button removed from the release radar? Now it is a useless playlist with 80% music I don’t like from artists I don’t follow. I used to look forward to it every Friday but now I don’t even bother to listen to it. I don’t understand how my discover weekly is 99% catered to my listening tastes but the release radar misses the mark by a looonnggg way. Sort it out for your paying customers Spotify. You are basically doing what Facebook and Instagram does by removing useful features like sorting a news feed by most recent and instead forcing your own algorithms onto people with what you think they want. People should be free To decide what music they want to listen to especially when the are paying a subscription fee every month for the pleasure. 


The only place I've ever seen the dislike button is on the Discovery Weekly list.  This doesn't make sense.  A lot of songs\bands I just don't like keep popping up on my daily lists and it's getting super frustrating to have to keep skipping those.  Please add this feature!  


There is no reason for them removing the feature, no idea why they did it. Maybe they have an inside guy working for apple music.


Where did the button go? 😞


@spotify this Idea has far more than the number of votes needed to be considered by the team. Your FAQ claims that the required number of votes to be considered and labeled a top Idea is 500 votes. This idea has more than 3 times that amount and yet has been kept in the voting stage. If there is a reason that this idea which was previously available cannot be implemented again please tell us what it is. We are people who pay for this service and should have some say in the features. Especially for something as integral as to how songs are suggested to you and your ability to avoid certain songs. Without a dislike button there is no way to prevent a song which has a particularly bad explicative from playing on multiple playlists without banning all explicit songs. Why should I have to ban all songs considered inappropriate for children in order to avoid hearing one song which is particularly explicit?


Unfortunately, as a number of paid products, the developers ignore their user's requests. This is especially annoying when features are removed.

The result is usually that you, Spotify, lose your paying customers who will then migrate to another service that is capable of listening to their customer's wishes.

There are a number of features which I find very useful and I am willing to give Spotify a couple of months to get the "Dislike artist/song" working in all suggested playlists; Daily mix, Disover weekly, etc.

If nothing has transpired by July 31st 2020 I will terminate my subscription and go elsewhere.

Hope I will be with you in August!


Just to be fair to Spotify, on the desktop app Windows 10 there is the dislike button both next to the track listing and on the bottom left below the album cover. Clicking on these gives the desired option to dislike the song or artist.

Where it is missing is in the Android app. Mostly the only option is to dislike the song in this playlist. This means that you will hear the song again in another playlist.

While you are at home, or at least have your Windows 10 device with you, you do seem to have the full option to dislike any song/artist in any list generated by Spotify but not if you are using your phone. This is something I at least would really appreciate.

It is also missing in the iOS app.


I have the latest version of Spotify for windows 10 and there is no option to dislike a song within the playlists Spotify makes. The only place with this capability currently is your weekly mix. There is no place on the desktop to dislike a song from the album, the artist, or within Spotify created playlists.  You can dislike songs and artists manually from albums on the app but that does not transfer over to desktop.