[All Platforms] "Don't Like Button" should be added to all sections

Hello everyone,


I am not sure why it keeps changing between updates, although in the past Daily Mixes have the Like & Dislike button. But this time around it has been completely removed and is only available Under Your Weekly Discovery.


It would be nice if the "Don't Like Button" was added everywhere, from Weekly Discovery, Daily Mixes, even when searching specific songs, albums, genres etc. to better filter our music preferences.

Also I find on Android on the drop down menu the Don't like button rarely ever works and have to enter the app directly. Like always works perfectly fine.


I would appreciate it if this could be considered.

Thank you


Updated on 2019-10-31

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea.
Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.

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I had exact same idea, 

Thanks for the input. This is just the kind of reply that (may) get
Spotify's attention. Maybe

Even if Spotify posts anything here it's going to be "not right now" which seems to me to be the case for all the ideas that have more than 100 votes... 

Posting Ideas, taking the time to explain and then have to get 100 Likes just to get a "not right now" is really demotivation especially because I'm paying for the service... I guess I might need to think about changing to a competitor... 


In Discover Weekly there are like (heart) and dislike (do not park) buttons located to the left/right of the back/forward buttons.


However, the moment I connect to a Spotify Connect device, these buttons disappear to be replaced by the shuffle/repeat buttons. 


Disconnecting from the device does not bring back the buttons. 


I would love to upload screenshots but am being told they are too big (in iOS). 


iOS latest release/app versions. iPhone X and iPad mini 2019. 

Hi Linglingqi

I did discover that feature on a PC but I just checked my XR and Ipad Air 2
and the option is there in the three dots next to the follow option and I'm
on 13.3.1 for both devices. Just curious, are you in the US?

I'm new to Spotify and to streaming services in general. The very first thing I noticed was that I did not have the option to block Artists, Song, and Genres. A 


There are songs and artists I really dislike that keep appearing in "my" Daily Mixes.


The fact that this is not an option for at least Premium users boggles the mind. The only reason I can think of for not implementing this is that it somehow hurts Spotify's profits.

Hi GuyMontag53, I've recently had success doing a search for the artist at
the home screen. The three dots in the upper right have an option to not
play the artist. So far it's worked for all the various mixes and radio
stations I use.

Hi tsaff88, I've read about this feature, but 1) in many cases I only want to block a few songs by an artist, 2) for some reason I can't find this feature either on the android version or desktop version.

I don't know about android but I initially found it on the desktop of my
windows laptop. I haven't found a way to ban certain songs. I agree that
Spotify seems to favor just a few songs by artists when adding to other
playlists. I've found that by picking an artist's radio station there is a
lot more variety....but then you get the same over played songs from other

It is just plain stupid to remove good features like "I don't like this song / I don't like this artist" from the desktop app when they are so useful. I have to switch over to my iPhone to mark these songs in my Daily Mixes.


And c'mon - you should know not to mix in Christmas songs in March.