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Alternative to monthly limit for lyrics

Alright now I get that y'all need to make money, I've read other user posts and feel that I understand the situation, my alternative to putting a monthly limit, or completely removing it, is instead letting us see the lyrics, however not time synced, if you want to see synced lyrics you must pay for premium. 


From what I read from other posts is that Spotify may need to pay for "mix" (blah blah something smart someone else said)  so my question and/or answer to the problem is; if Spotify has to pay someone to sync the lyrics, why don't they just make synced lyrics a part of premium, while still letting us be able to scroll through the lyrics if we want to see them- granted it may be a bit annoying to have to scroll instead of have them synced. However, that's just one more incentive to get people to pay for premium while still keeping lyrics easy to access. This is my opinion, if I don't understand the situation correctly feel free to correct me, I just feel like a monthly limit is ridiculous, especially because sometimes I go into a songs lyrics to see one part of it and then immediately click out, and if that counts for part of my limit- that's pretty annoying


I love this idea! I'm a Spotify free version user and part of my Spotify experience is reading the lyrics as I listen. It just isn't the same without it! Your idea of making the synced lyrics for premium is brilliant because we free users can read the lyrics and the premium users get the hands-free, oddly satisfying to watch synced lyrics. It would be a good way for Spotify to get more people to buy premium too because they'd first think about how they loved the synced lyrics and consider maybe trying premium for a while then remember other perks and maybe decide to get premium. It's a win-win-win! Win for Spotify, win for premium users, and still a win for free users.