An endless custom playlist

I love spotify but i think that there is one major thing that is missing. A button that when pressed, an endless costum playlist starts playing based on my music taste. Without the need to choose a specific playlist and a specific genre.

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"A button that when pressed, an endless custom playlist starts playing based on my music taste."

this could be a time-saver for me, because every time I want to do this I have to do this in order:

check the shuffle song off, play the playlist, open queue, skip to the last song and hit the next button.

after that I can finally hear some new music with similar genre as the playlist that I like.


one simple feature could save me (possibly many others) a hassle 😉


I remember when Spotify would do something like this with the "Radio" feature, and the thumbs up / down.

I know there are others asking to at least bring this feature back.


something like this might work too. Or stop calling it Radio Station if you're gonna limit it to 50 songs!