[Android] Android Widget

Having a home screen widget for Android would be really nice. All other media players have one on Android so it'd be great to see that in Spotify too. It'd make things so much easier to just be able control to Spotify from your home screen instead of swiping down for the notification bar or opening the app. It's really simple functionality so please can you add it.

Updated on 2019-08-13

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to reintroduce. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




I am beyond frustrated now, why the **bleep** would you take the widget away? That's all I ever used. Seriously considering doing Pandora now. At least they won't take away their widget


This is just to d... funny... Voting for something to be in an app that use to be there.. I am kinda shocked how distant you guys are from your users. Stop this nonsense and bring back the widget! 


Removed with no explanation. You've received a huge groundswell of push back from android users, but then just shut off the threads, rejected the idea and hoping everyone will move on.


I will be looking at other services now who have a business model that includes some regard for the user experience. 


The way you are treating your paid subscribers here is disgusting. Unless you intend to reduce the subscription costs in line with the reduced functionality?


Things that are not good ideas:

  • Removing the widget
  • Telling people to vote on a new idea to get it back
  • Responding to the new idea with 'yeah, nah, not happening', shortly after directing people to vote on it
  • Locking the original thread

Well that sucks that you guys got rid of the widget! Was one that I use everyday and throughout.... It was super convenient too  while driving....  May need  to switch to Google music or something else ...


So it looks like bye bye for me and Spotify, too bad I used it on phone, laptop and ps4. But I can live with out it, and there is plenty fish in the water so maybe I give a shot for Google music. The price in my country is not much different then spotify. 


Spotify's lack of service is approaching the inertia tipping point, where my irritation with the service will outweigh the bother involved in switching.  I'd have switched already, myself, if I didn't have a family account.


First, it was a lame attempt to justify advertising (sorry, 'paid notifications') in the app, now it's killing the widget ... oh, hang on.


Spotify, say it ain't so.  Before this change, I could start my music without opening the app.  Now, I have to open the app, to be subjcted to advertisements, sorry, 'paid notifications'.


Now I see why you've killed off the widget.  Advertising revenue, from paid subscribers.  Classy.

Casual Listener

How many people are going to be in more car accidents fumbling through the notification pull down? I hope they class action sue**bleep** out of you. It'd be a fun case for a new attorney. Sure they'd have a tough time proving it but they could easily wrap up your legal team for a while. 

Casual Listener

I think we should take this to twitter, I have already had a rant on there and used the #bringthewidgetback

Music Fan

This is just an epic shooting-themselves-in-the-face car crash!  "THIS IS FINE."


TIDAL is great so far by the way!