[Android] Bring back swipe down to search / filter

I really like the addition of being able to sort Liked Songs by Artist and Album, thank you for that.


However, with that, it's been made unnecessarily more difficult to search for specific songs in Liked Songs by requiring you to push the top right 3 dots and then "Find in Liked Songs".


Please bring back being able to simply swipe down, get the search bar, and type in the song details.

Updated on 2020-12-15

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I do not Unterstand!! Billions of people want the old search back and since then there has been billions of updates but nothing in a positive way!!! Search still in the 3dot menu.. what the **bleep**.. who's idea was that??? Baddest step ever!!!!!!


There really wasn't a point for it to be moved at all. Who ever thought his was a good idea should get fired, before they do that though they should come here into the forums and tell us why it was done. There is literally no reason. Esp when you go through clicking the 3 Dot menu the search bar still appears at the top.


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I can't manage to vote. It seems that is not working or at least I don't have any UI feedback. I totally agree with you. Besides they have removed the chance of playing in shuffle order the result of the search. I contacted support and this was their answer: Unfortunately, when using shuffle, it will always play all the contents of your playlists and will not cycle through your search results. This is most likely because of the new Your Library experience we've rolled out. We're sorry to hear you're unhappy with it. We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall. We’re sorry that this means you’re not able to use the app the way you'd like it. We can't say if or when any specific features will be integrated to the app. But as soon as we’ve got anything to announce, we’ll let everyone know via the Spotify Community. wth is this? It doesn't make sense to me at all. They keep removing features and making the service worse every time. My only solution is to use older versions of the app. When they decide to block these versions I might decide to stop using it, since it doesn't meet the basic requirements in my opinion. Is there anything we can do? I'm really, really bothered for paying 10 € every month for a service that keeps removing feature. Something similar happens to desktop version.
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Can everyone vote with the worse rating available on Google Play /App Store? This is really pissing me of.
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I still wish we had this.


Spotify got a new update today. While a lot of the features and the menus have been overhauled and look brand new, the search function is still in that context menu. It's such a shame that this this has been an ongoing problem for an entire year, and still nothing has been done about it. I don't think Spotify really listens to their customers. If they did they would do something about this.


The needle in the eye is that if you go: Library then Playlists there's a searchbar "Filter".

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Seriously, this is Product Design 101: function first, form should be last.


The app lost valuable function for a small change in looks. What is happening with the Spotify design team? It is absurd that this has to be a submitted as a "new" idea all over again, because the design team removed a useful feature. It has been 7 months since the user interface changed and I am still not happy.




The new UI update has somehow made this particular issue worse - before you could filter through Liked Songs but now you can't do that either without going through the menu. The UI overall is now even more visually simplistic while being overly complicated to use.


Please, for the love of God it's function first, form second.


Wow I'm struggling to get votes on another issue and this has 1400+ with no progress. I'm starting to believe Spotify Devs just don't listen to their loyal paying customers.