[Android] Bring back swipe down to search / filter

I really like the addition of being able to sort Liked Songs by Artist and Album, thank you for that.


However, with that, it's been made unnecessarily more difficult to search for specific songs in Liked Songs by requiring you to push the top right 3 dots and then "Find in Liked Songs".


Please bring back being able to simply swipe down, get the search bar, and type in the song details.

Updated on 2020-12-15

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I can't actually believe it's a feature that's been removed.


Makes no sense to me... Spotify should be making the app frictionless rather than adding barriers to make it harder to search for music.


It would be great to have the same functionality as searching for playlists within the playlists themselves.

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It's just a joke for them, we get played around while they're acting like

Spotify doesn't have 2FA, a basic requirement of any online service, despite thousands of account hacks and multiple requests on here for them to implement it. If they don't do basic stuff like that the dev teams aren't going to consider "complex" requests like these.


Find in playlist is currently hidden under the playlist menu. A simple shortcut of dragging down the screen down, while you're on the playlist screen, would help ease the frustration of a person trying to quickly find a song to play from their playlist.


Hello all fellow music and podcast lovers,


I use Spotify a lot on my PC and on my phone. I love how easy it is to search my large playlists on PC. We should try to bring some of this convenience to the mobile experience.


Improve the mobile experience, make the "Find in playlist" tool accessible simply by swiping down while on playlist screen.

When viewing and listening to my playlist, or any playlist, it would be a good addition to be able to (when at the top of playlist) just swipe down from the top of screen and have the search bar pop up to easily, quickly, and conveniently find specific songs, artists, and albums in playlists. 


Thank you and I hope you consider this idea.

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It’s been years since they removed it, they don’t care about it. They problably have an agreement between Apple and them to exclude some features from Android. I truly wish there was a better platform. I cannot describe how much I grow to hate Spotify since I first commented here. ı hope their monopoly comes tumbling down and I hope some other company that is more innovate takes the lead.

If it's a good idea, why was it a function that you removed?

Why are we here?


Yes please bring this feature back!! 

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