[Android] Disable full screen cover art in lock screen

It has been asked for years and you seem to never pay attention to it.

Can you please give us an option to disable the cover art wallpaper in the lock screen?


The wallpapers look low quality and ugly. I also think they are not necessary, since we have the album cover in the notification already.


Plase, think about this feature. You'd make your users very happy.

If a lot of music players can have this option, I don't see why you can't.






Updated on 2019-07-09

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


I just found a simimar thread from 2014... How can it be that it takes more than 6 years for a company like Spotify to implement such a little thing? Just copy Google Play Music has done:


That's all we ask for. Not more not less. We just want to be able to disable this blurry useless "feature".


I can't believe this feature has been requested so long ago and it hasn't been implement. It's such a basic feature that should be available.  Please provide this function.


Well this popped up today on my lockscreen...bit embarrassing.



Casual Listener

Spotify please make it happen. I do not enjoy the low-resolution background and some art covers are just ugly.
Why it can look nice on iOS but not on Android? Is to much to ask to implement a simple checkbox? Or at least to blur it out? 


Just add this it'll make a lot of people happy who don't even know that you can request features...


Bump! Please add this feature Spotify. I have no idea why Google forces audio apps to change your lockscreen background and use an indecipherable blurry version of the art at that, but at least they have an option to turn it off in Google music.