[Android] Gesture Support

I would like to have a better User Experience on the Android app. By example: On Deezer, while you are listening one song, you can do some gestures (swipe up, swipe bottom, etc.) to "minimize", "see the queue", "visit song's artist" and many others. It results so usefull because you have to do less work to acommplish some tasks and you can take advantage of those amazing functionalities provided by the OS.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Updated on 2018-07-24

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Take a look at this similar idea that might be interesting: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Android-Swipe-up-down-the-now-playing-view-to-open-close...


I found it odd that most of this gestures are already in iOS. I was surprised not to find them when I switched to android. I have a note 9 so reaching for buttons to click is hard enough but I'm also left handed.


I keep trying to swipe up to open now playing and it skips the song im playing

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That's because both swipe up and swipe down on the now playing tab are
unsupported gestures on Android.

I was wondering if Spotify could allow the use of Android system gesture when the screen is off to do certain actions... For example I'd like to draw a heart shape on my screen to like the music I'm listening too, like I would draw a ">" sign to skip to the next song. It would be very handy !


Please consider my comment and thank you.


I switched from iOS to Android and I miss this feature (i've only had my Android for a week, and I'm finding myself swiping down!). It is much easier to swipe down to minimize the current track so I can search for other music, rather than having to remember where the small < less than symbol is to go back to the tracklist.


Please implement this, this feature has been asked for since 2016! Why don't we have this feature yet?


Missing swipe down feature makes the app uncomfortable to use. So basic movement for smartphone operation