[Android][Playlists] Bring Back Mobile Playlist Sorting/Searching

It would appear that the newest update to mobile versions of Spotify have moved the Search/Filter options for playlist into a small context menu which is a few clicks and a scroll away.


I don't see the need for this - I (and I'm sure many others) use the search funtion and the sort functions all the time on mobile devices. So the fact that they have been moved elsewhere is really inconvenient - there was no need to do this.


Do other people agree that the search and sort functions need to be moved back to the playlist main screen?

Updated on 2019-09-19

Hi everyone!


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'. Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here too.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.




Totally agree. The removal of this feature was the worst design decision made to the app in my 7+ unbroken years of being a premium member. I have a bad experience nearly every time I use the app now and am seriously considering switching. 


Ironic this has been marked as a 'new' idea seeing as how it's a request to bring back a good idea that they scrapped for no good reason.  Please share this thread to as many Spotify users as you can to get it upvoted.  Not sure what it will take but remember, there are other choices out there for music streaming, if how Spotify has been treating you, the end user is a problem, vote with your money instead.


Yo we need to share this to get votes because I know it probably p****d alot of other users off like myself 

Gig Goer

It is incredible how spotify keeps sabotaging perfect functions for no reason.

"Choose as current playlist" was the best feature of the desktop app and was removed for no reason for instance.

This change makes it a lot more dangerous to use the app while driving, which a lot of people do. 

With the old function, you could type in a few letters without looking at the phone.

This makes zero sense. 




Filtering is an extremely common task when viewing a playlist. If anything, it should be MORE prominent, not hidden behind a menu button. 


Please place the filtering options back where they were.


Or as a bonus, add a floating action button (FAB) with a search button.

Gig Goer

Yes please...


What was done from just sliding down and then search or sort what you wanted to, now I have to tap the 3 dots the slide down to the search, then tap search then finnaly search... wth?

And if one wants to also sort the playlist we have to do it all over again.


Ever heard of user friendly?




The question is WHY. why the actual Frick would they do this. Spotify is the only place without the most basic features. Wanna remove a song currently playing in your playlist? BETTER HAVE TO GO LOOK FOR IT. oh wait, EVEN THATS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE NOW. IN BE4 WE ARE ALL PIRATES AGAIN


Bringing this search back definitely would save time/energy. This function is super handy so it seems silly to get rid of.


Very poor design choice, indeed.


Does anyone know the latest version of the Spotify app that have this feature easily accessible?


I'd like to downgrade until it's properly re-implemented.




I hope this gets back, for some months I've been pondering on ditching Spotify. I've lost count on how many times they implemented bad updates in favor of minimalistic looks with terrible usability.


Using Spotify on mobile is becoming more impossible and infuriating with each update. I listen to a lot of music using Bluetooth on the car and I can't be looking and touching my phone because I can't filter a playlist to play two songs without a lot of work.