[Android] Re-allow Downloaded Filtering For Artists

With the new Android update and "redesign", I can no longer filter my artists based on what I have downloaded.  I'm on a mobile plan where I pay for the exact amount of data I use and I got Premium so I could save as much data as possible.  Not being able to easily see which music I have downloaded is immensely frustrating.


This functionality still exists in the Playlists tab, so the base functionality still exists in the app.


Please re-add this functionality back to the Artists tab.

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Updated on 2019-07-15

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We've marked this as a new idea :)

Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


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I'm surprised that this even has to be requested. I thought it must have been a mistake that they removed this capability. The Albums tab still allows filtering by Downloaded. The Artists tab even has a button that says "Filters", but clicking on it only provides sorting options.


Whyyy Spotifyyyyy, why take away such an important feature. It was so easy... all you had to do was leave it alone.

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Now that the feature was removed from Spotify we will have to get at least 100 likes per year for who knows how many years before they will consider adding it back.