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[Android] Remove the Shuffle / Play Button

Hi, I tried out your new design, which I have mixed feelings about, but nevermind that. The most annoying thing I come over in the new Spotify (for iPhone by the way) is the dumb, big, overlapping, unnecessary shuffle play button that pops up everywhere. Is this a bug or is this on purpose? Could at least had add an option for it. Also, it doesn't look streamlined at all with the current design. Did it even occur that not everyone wants a shuffle play button?

Updated on 2020-11-04

Hey folks,
As some of you will have noticed, this has changed on iOS.
We've updated the idea, so that we can update everyone more accurately with regards to Android.
We're marking this as a 'Good idea', too.
Please know that your feedback is reaching the right teams here.

We'll post an update if anything changes!


"Just play the first song with the album" 


The problem with this approach is that it doesn't queue the whole album, instead it cretaes a 'play next' list.  This means that I can't add another album to play at the end of the current album, it queues it at the end of the current track instead. 


The reason for this must be political, because it makes no sense to ignore this much community feedback for this long. 


An official response from Spotify on why this hasn't been addressed would be nice.  

Political? Really?

Perhaps not so much Political as such, but maybe there is some financial incentive to not providing an easily accessible Play option to users? Surely making this a Premium only offering would offset this though, and it would certainly bring back a fair few paying users


By the way rooch84  is right about the play queing behaviour - and the other problem with the "Play the first song on the album or playlist" is that on smaller devices that first track isnt visible on screen, you have to scroll down to get to it. The  size of the Shuffle button helps push the track listings off screen. That is poor UI design


It also doesnt help much if you have stopped playback half way through an album or playlist and want to restart it - now you need to scroll down to wherever you left off - even worse UI design

One comment many pages ago suggested that it allows Spotify to prioritize
cheaper songs in shuffle mode. No evidence to back this up, but an
interesting theory nonetheless.

Yes, just saw that comment, and that theory makes more sense. Would also explain why so many people have complained that when they do use shuffle it only seems to shuffle through about 25-50% of a playlist - another issue that seems to have gone unfixed a long time

Casual Listener
Hi, think nobody of Spotify cares, I wonder if even read...and when it changes it will not be as reason caused by this forum (to few hits), but because of a re-organisation (or next generation...)


I have a new Iphone 11 I do NOT have shuffle  on, But my music will not play in order. 


PLEASE!!!!!! take the shuffle button off the default. Please make this an option. This is the most annoying thing that Spotify has to offer. I would not even recommend Spotify because of this. 


How is the progress on this? How long do we have to wait before we can change the shuffleplay button to a play button?



camyh wrote:
How is the progress on this? How long do we have to wait before we can change the shuffleplay button to a play button?

There is no progress, and I dont expect to see any anytime soon. Spotify arent listening. Pity, as I may need to eventually move off Google Play which is where I went after giving up on Spotify because of this very issue. If push comes to shove I'll probably go to Deezer