[Android] Remove the Shuffle / Play Button

Hi, I tried out your new design, which I have mixed feelings about, but nevermind that. The most annoying thing I come over in the new Spotify (for iPhone by the way) is the dumb, big, overlapping, unnecessary shuffle play button that pops up everywhere. Is this a bug or is this on purpose? Could at least had add an option for it. Also, it doesn't look streamlined at all with the current design. Did it even occur that not everyone wants a shuffle play button?

Updated on 2020-11-04

Hey folks,
As some of you will have noticed, this has changed on iOS.
We've updated the idea, so that we can update everyone more accurately with regards to Android.
We're marking this as a 'Good idea', too.
Please know that your feedback is reaching the right teams here.

We'll post an update if anything changes!

I moved to Tidal. Will never go back to that big,fat, green shuffle button.

Further to this ....


I have just got a Soyes 7s mini smart phone to use as a media player. This thing is small

It has a 2.5 inch screen

So of course with any music app the playlist isnt visible... you have to scroll down

But in Google Play theres a play button right where you need it....



Casual Listener

Arrgh - Shuffle play is such a ridiculous feature, it's like 1980s CD players that always had a "random" button on them just because they could, not because it made sense (ooh, you can't do this on vinyl). I spend ages getting my playlists into a sensible order, artists put a lot of thought into the track order of an album or EP, why on earth would anyone want to shuffle it! I want a really big play button - surely that should be the prominent option? I don't want my fat finger accidentally missing the first track (which isn't even intuitive btw) and clicking the "play my list but completely **bleep** up the play order" button.


I'm not a fan.

I have no problem with shuffle play. I use it sometimes. It's just the
gigantic, intrusive button I don't like.
That’s kind of the point.

vman2000 totally agree. I remember the shuffle button on several CD players I owned way back when. Never used the **bleep** thing once on any of them. They just put it there cos they could. And sometimes to make the thing nice and symmetrical with a nice even number of buttons. Came in handy one time, when a button I did use broke so I extracted the shuffle one and used that in place of the one that broke, left a blank hole where the shuffle was which I put some duct tape over. Never looked back


[Web browser] If the song is the first song of a playlist, playback button is disabled.  If the users want to play from the beginning of first song, they need to scroll all the way. 

See the attachment.Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 3.02.38 PM.png

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Huge and useless shuffle button wasting small smartphone screens. It's probably never ever used by majority of users. Then why it is there? Because It's soo "cool", "stylish" and also "classy". Spotify's 100K salary managers/designers created it only to show how they are creative and cool. They probably don't care any tracking stats to see how often this button is used. But worst, they don't have any idea about UX fundamentals, focusing on simplicity and functionality. What seems to be more essential for you, a giant green shuffle button or the song names in your playlist?


Still the same**bleep** shuffle play button. I check back once a year to see if they decided to use common sense. I see the answer is still a giant NO. Refuse to subscribe until they add an option to PLAY an entire album for paid users. 

You can play an album in order. Just play the first song with the album
open and it will autoplay the next ones.