[Android] "Don't play this artist" feature for Android Premium users

Currently, all Free users and Premium iOS users have the ability to block any artist just by going to their pages and tapping "Don't play this artist".


This is not possible for Premium users who use Android devices, and I've seen some complaints about it in the Community.


So it would be great to make it available to all users regardless of the platform.

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would be a good feature!


Is this really Android specific?


I cannnot block the artists on the MacOS app either (I am premium).


This is an absolute must and I honestly don't understand how Spotify can ignore this. There is a ton of articles from the beginning of 2019 that show how to do this. I guess I didn't realize they are all from iOS.


Wakey wakey, Spotify.


I 100% support this idea. 


Also doesn't work on the desktop app, it's fairly annoying to have to skip a shitty band over and over again just because spotify thinks it is similar to the music I like (which it is not).