[Artist Page] Filter on Album / Artist Pages

In the latest version you can no longer search an artist's page for a specific album or song using ctrl-f. Please bring this functionallity back.

Updated on 2017-09-08

Hi @promenad we're back to give this idea another update. We absolutely know this is a popular request from our users, but at the moment we have some other important items on our timeline. In the spirit of transparency, we're marking this as "Not Right Now", but as soon as it moves up our list we will let you know. Thank you for your understanding and continuing to bring your feedback to us here.

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Definitely needed, finding tracks is such a pain now!



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Why was it removed?


(p.s. Does Spotify send all it's employees on a training course in how to communicate with customers while giving out as little useful information as possible?  ;-) )


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Hey there,


I'm very mad with new Spotify version. I love social features like "Follow" buttons, but there also one important thing gone.


I often search track from album or artist view and now this is not possible. This was very handy feature and I was able to find exactly what I need very fast from artist page - for example.


I would suggest to folks Kudo this idea and Spotify listen our feedback. We need Search filter feature back!!!

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Now ultra clear! 

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Still no explanation why it was removed. Was it a mistake? Was it intentional?


It's really irritating to have to ask for basic functionality that has been removed by creating an idea and having people vote on it, especially when we don't even know the reason why it was removed.


If it was removed because of some technical limitation that you're not telling us about then this idea might be a complete waste of time since it's never coming back.


More communication, more information, more transparency, more honesty. That's what we need!

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This is core functionality guys. This is how I find remixes for a particular track name under an artists. This is like google reader for my RSS feeds!


Please bring back the search feature, it's a pain now to find anything!


2,5 years without search on artist pages. +648 votes and all Spotify have to give us is "Under consideration". :(

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This feature already was added back months ago. However it doesn't quite work fully.


If I'm viewing the Albums view and I search with the filter text box it only takes into account the Album Title but not the Artist Name, even though the artist name is clearly visible on every cell, right there under the album art and album name.


This is literally a one line code change, it probably took longer to compose this message than it would to finish the functionality.


I still miss the filter on the artist page. It´s hard to scroll through all release.

This must be really simple, cause this was one nices features on the old 0.8 - Series.