[Artists Page] Show Playlist created by Artist instead of personal Account

One of the main reasons I signed up for an artist account was so that I could share the music that inspires me (as a fairly anonymous artist) with my fans easily, but having carefully curated a playlist I see that it now shares my name and personal account along with it, so I won't be creating/sharing any playlists until they show as 'created by *artist*'.


It seems that since making changes to the way artist profiles work on Spotify, you can now only associate playlists with your artist profile, rather than create them as an artist. This causes a two tier system, where artists who created an artist profile prior to this change can create playlists and have 'created by *artist name*', while artists who have signed up since the change cannot. It also means that, if I create a playlist and attach it to my artist profile, users will see my personal account, and follow that for new playlists rather than my artist profile. It just doesn't make sense.


This feature could be an option within the UI when adding a playlist to artists.spotify.com. Something like 'display playlist creator as: artist/personal'. To just allow people to show playlists as created by the artist name, rather than the personal account name.




Updated on 2017-06-04

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. ;)

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make it happen already. please.


This feature should have been created as soon as Artists pages had been created. Please Spotify, do something about this.




It wont accept my vote. Cannot believe Spotify dont already do this, seems like common sense to me. The reason musicians create and develop artist brands is so they can use them for their music creation and curation... why on earth would any artist want their playlists to be shown as created by them personally?!?!


I find this equally in user/artist friendly and hope they fix it


Bump. Get**bleep** together spotify!



When are you going to implement this. If you are about promoting new artists and their music then why are you not allowing the masses to see our artists name in the playlists that we create. You speak so highly about artists using the playlist feature to promote themselves but in all reality you are holding them back by not allow their artists name to be seen in playlists that they create that is relative to their own music. I have emailed you numerous time about this only to get a generic message back within seconds.


 It is so, SO unwanted to have my personal account tied with my artist profile. Here's one more comment to bump this case again. Can't believe it's been over a year since this suggestion was posted.


This is really silly. 


I now have to write a stupid-sounding workaround in the playlist's details, which makes Spotify look ugly and unattractive. 





I cannot believe that you haven't implemented this! One of the main reasons I verified my artist profile and have been promoting my artist page is so I could create playlists, AS AN ARTIST, to feature on my profile. I am a pianist; other pianists are able to create playlists curated by their official artist accounts, but since I signed up late, apparently I can't? Extremely frustrating! I gave up trying to feature playlists because it looks like some random person (i.e., my user account) is creating them and not me as an artist.

Please fix this. The only reason I can think of as to why Spotify removed the ability for artists to officially create playlist was because it gives artists too much power over what music (other than their own) becomes popular.