[Audiobooks] Bookmark Audio Books and separate them from music

Please implement bookmarks for audio books and separate them from music.


There was an idea for bookmarks in audio books. Sadly it was closed, because one half of the idea (save the position in podcasts) has been implemented, even though nearly all of the 30 pages was about people wanting this for audio books.


As the moderator posted "If you'd like to see the same behaviour for audio books, we'd recommend making a new Community Idea for this.", so this is it.


There are many other audio book bookmarks requests, but they were all closed as duplicates because of the now closed idea. 


As an additional aspect to this, please ensure a separate handling / tagging of audio books and music. When alternating between listening to audio books and music the Spotify engine starts putting book chapters in your recommendation playlists, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever.


On another topic - if you'd appreciate more choice on caching and saving on mobile data, please check this idea out.




Updated on 2020-02-24

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



Just now I switched from Billie Eilish back to my current audio book and it cost’s me again two minutes to find the position I stopped the last time. 

Casual Listener

I got a german workaround for Android. Not perfect, but it works pretty well. Idk if there are other languages available




Thanks for the hint. But I use Apple devices. And for IOS there are also supporting apps that built work arounds. But with other disadvantages like missing download options. 

Casual Listener

Yeah, I'm using Apple devices too. And as a workaround I'm using "Bookify" (https://apps.apple.com/de/app/bookify/id1086144727). But It's a shame that I have to use 3rd-party-apps. 😞

Casual Listener

Ok you know what Spotify. I am a reasonably good software developer (not my main job, but part of my work sometimes). Just give me an unpaid internship or something that would get me access to your code base and I will implement this feature for you FOR FREE! That’s how much it annoys me that this still isn’t available.


There is a free six months trial for Apple Music available. I will give them a try and if nothing happens meanwhile the customer status of my wife and myself might be „not anymore“ in six months from now. 


I have listened to two audiobooks now, and have to say that without a bookmark function to get me back to where I was I will not be listening to a third.  If you dont' have a bookmark function then this service is not suitable to use for listening to audiobooks. 


I have just lost my place in the book I was listening to, and I have no easy way to find it again.  Don't know what Chapter I was on, what track in the book I was at, so to find my place will take time hitting a bunch of tracks and seeing if that might be one that I heard already.  That is not reasonable.


This implementation isn't very easy to use, and it just leads to frustration.  Poorly implemented features are worse than not having them at all.


When will the bookmark feature for Audiobooks be implemented in Spotify?


Thank you guys for all your workaround ideas, but Spotify really should implement "bookmarks" in their apps. I hope it will happen sooner rather than later!