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Blocked Accounts Tab/ reimagining “blocked accounts”

Spotify needs to implement a “blocked accounts” tab in settings - allowing users who block an account to stop BOTH PARTIES from seeing the other’s account!


in Spotify’s current system, if someone else were to block me, I can no longer see their profile or playlists (but they can still see mine!!). There is no way for me to block them after this. If I broke up with someone and we both wanted to block each other, only one person can do this (person A will still have access to person B’s account). At the same token, if I blocked my ex’s Spotify account, it stops them from seeing mine but I can still impulsively view their account (not helpful when I’m trying to get over a break up)!! 

By reimagining the way Spotify’s blocking process works, we could implement a “blocked accounts” tab in settings (like many other major digital platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, Tinder, etc…). Following this system, both parties have the equal opportunity to block each other (say after something like a break up). As well, if I were to block someone on the “blocked accounts” tab, it would ALSO stop ME from searching up THEIR account (let’s say I’m incredibly impulsive and can’t stop searching their profile up and am hoping to get over the breakup).


it sounds a little cliche, but honestly this is a system that should already be in place and would not be overly difficult to adapt to for Spotify. 

please make this happen!!!

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Updated on 2023-09-28

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definatley agree spotify should have this feature

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