Bring Back Starred Playlists System

I loved using my starred playlists. It was an easy way for me to favorite songs and cache them for offline use without having to search for them or go through album after album. Removing this in 1.0 is annoying and a poor idea. Bring them back!

Updated: 2016-11-18

Hey folks, we know this idea has grown in the past year, so we wanted to return to let you know this idea is still 'Not Right Now'. 


Your Music helps you save, organize and browse your music all in one place—songs, artists, and albums. Now you can click on the “+” sign beside a song to add to Songs within Your Music.


Your Starred Playlist hasn’t disappeared. You can still add to/ edit it like any other playlist. You can read about some other recent changes we've made to the Starred playlist here. Thanks everyone

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Still waiting for the stars to come back. I listen to Spotify less and less, mainly because it doesn't work as a means of discovering new music in the way that it used to, because of the loss of the star system. Therefore, I feel I am moving towards the day when I cancel my Premium subscription. Your Music is not a suitable substitute, for the very clear reasons outlined over and over in this thread. It's not just about having a Starred Playlist either. Come on, you know this, we've all explained it enough times!

Music Lover

I have refused to switch over to Saved. Not sure I understand the point. I just add to Starred and download for offline. 

Concert Regular

For anyone missing the easy star function of the original Starred list, you can install this addon which automatically adds any track that you 'Save to Your Music' to your starred list

Festival Fanatic

I use to get around this issue by preventing updates to the spotify player from before the change


it now seems like somehow it's managed to alter that as well...


so if I can't find a way round, or without an app to view aNFL identify highlighted tunes visually in the playlist, it's time to review my premium and family account


what div decided to REMOVE features and LIMIT CHOICE for its paying customers in the first place?????


Agree, 5am. It's not just about having a starred playlist, it's about visual identification of favourite tracks. I really can't see why it hasn't been brought back. I have also been using an old version (with stars) on my laptop, but it doesn't seem to be working properly any more. 


That's sad. i hate when upgrading a software/service actually making it worst.

Some kind of star system is really necessary. for example, i have an artist's playlist and i want to see his favorite songs of my choice. that's really missing.

Concert VIP

It's been about 5 months since I cancelled my premium Spotify service and began paying for the Deezer premium service, because the Spotify developers don't give a **bleep** about user concerns. Deezer has its own problems, but at least it's not owned by Google.


The Star was much better as mant people have mentioned listen to them or have a vote...



Music Lover

Some of my playlists are huge, and sometimes I want to listen to particular songs on that playlist, and rather than having to search through the huge playlist to find the exact song they could conveniently be located at the top of the playlist. I Understand there is a filter bar at the top but whenever I use this and add a song to queue it seems to restrict my playlist to whatever filter search applied. This would hopefully allow a user to quickly add songs they favor more from the playlist to a queue more easily or even start of the playlist by playing through the favorite songs within the playlist.