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Bring Back the Offline Devices List page

Bring back the offline devices list on the account page. it makes it easier to see what d

Updated on 2020-10-13

Hey folks,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any plans to reimplement right now.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


The statement "If you download to a 6th device, downloads are automatically removed from the device you use the least." is simply wrong. I cannot download on a new device. Given that I had a phone that died in January, I cannot remove the app or the downloads. The link to the "support" is useless as it just goes to the faq (Belgium). I hope you can provide a real solution shortly.


Can't believe this is a problem in 2023. What a stupid move, I shouldn't need customer support to manage my own devices!


3 years and the status is "Not right now". So "Maybe soon" takes at least another 3 years? As if a multi-million dollar company would be lacking the ressources. I don't see the huge development projects for Spotify in recent years that take up the time of all your developers and product managers. If you have a proper reason to remove a function that so many people demand, please tell us why and we will most likely accept and understand. The way Spotify treats paying users is not as friends, not as clients, not as partners. I would have expected more from a Scandinavian company, this is just acting like any other huge US money making machine. Careless and remote, ignorant of user's wishes, only stakeholder return and cost efficiency count. If it wasn't for my kids using the family account I would quit right away and stick to my MP3 collection again.


Family Accounts are the next thing they gonna cancel if some stakeholder needs more money...


Yeah ˋNot right nowˋ.

Spotify please add it, i cant download anything, because my tablet got reset from my school and i cant edit the downloads on this account anymore.

It would be really cool if ˋnot right nowˋ means ˋin the next weekˋ or so.


Please bring back old feature to remove devices.


Bring it back please! Today I was forced to completely reinstall my laptop and I got message "Offline device limit reached" when I wanted to download my playlist. I used only options to available to clear cache and to log off all devices with no success. With Offline device list I would be able to fix my issue in minute. I know I can contact support and they will fix this for me? But really is this necessary to do? So much complication for such easy task. And 30 day timeout period for offline devices is a joke.


Spotify.... respectfully... this is an idiotic decision. 

I have 1 phone, a tablet and PC. None of them have music downloaded - yet it CONTINUES to tell me I'm 'Out of offline devices" 

It's now 2024 and STILL no solution has been given. 

I wish Google Play Music would come back. 


It is a joke that in 2024, Spotify decides to remove self service capabilities from customers, and instead directing thousands of users worldwide to their customer service team?
I am really curious how your stakeholders think about these stupid actions.