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Bring Back the Offline Devices List page

Bring back the offline devices list on the account page. it makes it easier to see what d

Updated on 2020-10-13

Hey folks,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any plans to reimplement right now.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


how do you expect people to keep others and hackers out of their accounts. if the people who are paying you want something, you give it. give the features we want. 


Can't believe Spotify removed something so useful. For a Spotify user like me, I rely a lot on offline playlist on different devices, because I do not have good amount of data allowance nor wifi at my rented place to stream those songs for many many hours each day or waste data usage to re-download a deleted offline playlist due to being "least active device".


Since this functionality has been removed, what does Spotify recommend for best security practices when there is a question of whether an account could be compromised?


For example, I just opened the Spotify app on my iPhone and found that I had been logged out for no apparent reason. My first instinct is to see what devices are logged in, in case my account has been compromised. Without more evidence, I have zero desire to "log out of all devices" because it's an incredible hassle to then log into my phone app, iPad app, desktop app, Roku app, and speakers again. For the same reasons, I have even less desire to change my password without further evidence of need.


I understand that notification emails are sent when a new device is logged in, but emails can easily be missed, flagged as spam, or sorted to the wrong folder. So it's useful for users to have a proactive way of checking account security without the enormous hassle of unnecessarily resetting a password or logging out of all devices.


Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Edit: (2023-01-14) Ah, nice! I’m glad to get such helpful feedback, much appreciated! /s


Spotify sends a message "device limit reached" even though I signed out of all devices and have no downloads. They took away the feature to manage your offline devices. They charge you money for a subscription. They limit your number of devices. When you reload IOS on your device and reinstall Spotify, there is no way to get the count reset. Spotify is a fraudulent business. 


Why would you remove this when it fixed ANOTHER one of your ongoing issues on Android?


I have had Spotify across several Android devices over the last several years and for at least 5 of those I have had issues with internal storage being adopted after resets with 50gb worth of songs already on the SD card just forgotten. Yes I've tried all of the advice in the support threads. Except for this one as it's no longer an option due to Spotify removing this from settings.


The internal storage also shows up as sd card several times as per other support threads. Perhaps this could have been fixed by the above option. I guess we'll never know now. How shortsighted. Really makes me wonder whether or not to take my premium sub money elsewhere. 


Please offer such a feature. And please give us an explanation, why do deleted it and why it is difficult to reimplement ???


Having to contact Customer Support is a waste of time for both the client and Spotify support services. The old method of managing devices ourselves through the account was efficient, timely, and offered the user reasonable control over their use and experience. Please bring back this usability!!


I use custom roms for my android devices and often times that results on virtual devices adding up on my account which cannot be manually or physically removed. a clear all button would help me resolve this issue 


I had to factory reset my phone several times due to errors. Each time I reset the phone, Spotify decided that it was a new device. Now I can no longer download music because my device limit has been reached, even though I only have one device!


This is the single top most annoying thing for people who regularly switch phones.

Just. Stop. Removing. Things. That. Perfectly. Work!!!