Bring back Endless Radio

Why are you changing the way the artist radio stations work? All my followed stations are playlists now and I don't like it. There's limited functionality with a playlist. I can't remove an artist I don't like from these playlists. I can't "thumbs down" something I don't like so I never hear it again. For instance, I don't want 'Veil Of Maya' in my 'Animals As Leaders' station, but they're in Spotify's 'Animals As Leaders' radio playlist and again, I don't like it. The playlist is always the same. Put an mp3 CD in your car (old school, I know) with 50 tracks on it and see if you don't get sick of it in a week. A radio station changes. I know it's basically just a jazzed up playlist, but it changed often. These playlists are locked in and "shuffle play" only goes so far. Also, the radio stations play continuously. More songs load as they play. At the end of the day, the radio stations are 95% of what I use. Fortunately, I can still get at the "old" artist radio stations for now. If this playlist thing becomes a permanent change and I can't get at the normal artist station, I'll be forced to consider canceling my subscription. It was great before. Loved it. I was perfectly happy giving you my hard earned cash every month. But it seems the functionality is changing, so maybe my cash flow is changing too. This playlist radio system is garbage.


Also, for the love of DOG let me sort my stations by name. This is basic stuff. SMDH

Updated on 2019-10-31

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It's impossible to find new music via Spotify without this feature. This is frustrating, because all of my music tastes today are products of using Spotify since middle school, around 2012 when "apps" were still a thing. I've been a premium user since around 2016. I got into using Spotify because of the radio, even with ads and limited skips.


Since the classic radio was completely stripped from the app, the only new music I have found comes from my discover weekly playlist, which is mixed genre and gets eaten through in a couple hours. Daily mixes are often the same tired music that's already in my playlist. Artist "radio" playlists play the same songs from the same artists over and over, and completely disregard the user's tastes. When you get to the end of a playlist and new songs are loaded, it is only AFTER you get to the end of a set playlist of related music.


Show me something new! Clairo, Frankie Cosmos, and TV Girl can't be the only artists related to SALES! Mix small indie artists in among the mainstream artists! Some of my favorite music is from small artists. Show me a song I've never heard before, even if its from an overplayed or mainstream artist! If I wanted to listen to the same songs over and over, I'd make a darn playlist myself. Save the radios I've listened to in the past, remember my choices, keep track of what's already been played, and let me come back to them! My best radios were the ones I'd come back to, over and over, and refine to match my tastes. I had a radio for each genre I liked, so I could switch things up at the touch of a button. With discover weekly and daily mixes, I need to wait a week at MINIMUM to get new music. If I go on a random binge of music completely different from what I normally listen to, I now have to worry about it ending up in those playlists and limiting my choices.


TLDR; They've removed the radio feature for no good reason and replaced it with features that have less functionality. It was perfect the way it was, it helped me find a lot of good music, but now it's just one feature in a list of many that have slowly been removed over the last few years. My guess is it saves Spotify money on licensing when their users listen to a only small sample of their library. Total rip-off. Bring it back, or you'll continue to bleed long-time users that once believed in this platform and shared it with their peers. If things haven't gotten any better by the time my student discount ends, I'll be taking my money elsewhere.


alright for what its worth, if anyone is reading this, i think i found the work around/config to get endless radio, as we knew of it.


just turn OFF the REPEAT icon.  at the end of the playlist, it'll go on as it has in the past, as a endless list of songs (i assume randomly AI generated)

I think the issue that has confused us users is that, clicking on CREATE RADIO STATION, defaults a spotify generated playlist of 50 songs of that theme. 


I assume, the vast majority of us users have the repeat button clicked on (for obvious reasons), but this implementation of creating a radio station really does not work well with the natural settings we all generally apply, leading to us just looping the 50song playlist

Turning off repeat doesn't give us back the radio stations we used to
have. We used to be able to click thumbs up or down to influence the
custom radio station. They don't let us do that anymore.

Many of us used to use this to find new music. Now it is nearly the same
list day after day.




well... i'm looking at my spotify queue right now and this is what i'm seeing......





my suggestion is, load your RADIO/PLAYLIST, just go to the very last song in that list and with repeat off/shuffle off, hit next song.

The GREEN highlight of a song won't show up in that list. 

Go click on your album art on the left corner of the program as you would to show up the list/queue.  And you'll see the radio/queue is now a endless list (NEW list) as you see here from my screencap.


is it cumbersome, yes.

but do you get the old-school list, yes.


I agree, the thumbs up/down isn't there.  i used it sparingly honestly.

i usually just create a mini-list and create a radio station off my mini-list if i wanted to influence my song/list variety.

my gripe has been this 50song radio station, which listening during a day, will end up on repeat, which i'm more annoyed with than the influencing, as i have ways around that in a more resolved way




  • The "workaround" you mention has been known for some time.  And as Jay75 correctly points out, it does not nearly provide the same functionality.  Yes, you can get more songs that are different than the initial list.  However, if you keep listening songs repeat and you get the same handful of artists all the time, even when starting from different artists.  When you could thumbs up and down songs it actually improved the station, gave more variety, and tailored it to your taste.  If you're just a casual listener that wants something on in the background I'm sure the workaround works well enough.  For those of us who used to use radio to deep dive into finding tons of new artists it pales in comparison.

I am decently bummed about finding out what caused my issue with "artist bubbles".

Right now there is no decent way to get out of a artist bubble on mobile and desktop, yes there is some janky version on the desktop that doesn't provide nearly the same variaty as the provious method.


Currently i switched to the lastFM recommended option but it's very limited. For mobile(the majority of my play time) there is no work around AT ALL, i seriously wonder what the motivation was around this, and yes i have seen that mobile app, but i just want my nice radio back.