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Why are you changing the way the artist radio stations work? All my followed stations are playlists now and I don't like it. There's limited functionality with a playlist. I can't remove an artist I don't like from these playlists. I can't "thumbs down" something I don't like so I never hear it again. For instance, I don't want 'Veil Of Maya' in my 'Animals As Leaders' station, but they're in Spotify's 'Animals As Leaders' radio playlist and again, I don't like it. The playlist is always the same. Put an mp3 CD in your car (old school, I know) with 50 tracks on it and see if you don't get sick of it in a week. A radio station changes. I know it's basically just a jazzed up playlist, but it changed often. These playlists are locked in and "shuffle play" only goes so far. Also, the radio stations play continuously. More songs load as they play. At the end of the day, the radio stations are 95% of what I use. Fortunately, I can still get at the "old" artist radio stations for now. If this playlist thing becomes a permanent change and I can't get at the normal artist station, I'll be forced to consider canceling my subscription. It was great before. Loved it. I was perfectly happy giving you my hard earned cash every month. But it seems the functionality is changing, so maybe my cash flow is changing too. This playlist radio system is garbage.


Also, for the love of DOG let me sort my stations by name. This is basic stuff. SMDH

Updated on 2019-10-31

If you'd like to see thumbs up and thumbs down back we recommend voting for this idea:


Genre radios were one of the main reasons why I chose Spotify. On the one hand, and as mentioned, they play non-stop. You can tune a genre radio a play it for days on end. On the other hand I NEVER-EVER play artist radios. I NEED variety. I even miss the option of being able to MIX radios so that I could listen a radio playing a mix of pop, rock, indie, classical, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's... That would be IDEAL for me. Finally, as also mentioned, using the thumbs up or down I can fine-tune my preferences. That is also gone with stock playlists.


Finally, I find it really  inconsiderate from Spotify not sending an email notifying this change. At first I thought I had done "something wrong" and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how my radios had dissapeared. I even uninstalled my Windows app (the one I use 99% of the time) until I tried to Google if someone else had the same "problem"  as me. Please note that if as a user I consider this "upgrade" a problem, then there must be something wrong behind the "update".


Again, I find leaving us stuck with pre-defined playlist (I don't consider artist radios "real" radios) a HUGE STEP BACK in Spotify functionality that is making me SERIOUSLY reconsider stop renewing my Premium and look for other alternatives.




Seriously, wth Spotify!

Guess I have to go back to Pandora!!!

Absolutely ridiculous! 

Casual Listener

Any updates?


Being able to customize my radio station is vital.  I may not want to hear certain tracks or artists, now I have the same list that is stuck at 50 tracks.  I liked knowing that if I continued to play the same artist radio day after day, it would continue to generate new tracks for me so that I didn't have the same set of songs.  I found many good songs to add to my personal playlist by being able to customize artist radio.  Now you have taken this away.  Why?  Was this to cut costs?  Were people asking to not be able to customize?  

Rock Star 18
Rock Star 18

Even if I don't especially use the Radio feature, you got my vote. The way radio was working before the last change, was way better and useful. Now it just gives a limited playlist which doesn't really have any interest...

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Rock Star 11

Hello everybody, I may have a solution for everyone who wants to listen to the old radio funcionality.

Yes, it's possible, you can get the old radio when you go to the end of the generated playlist and play the last song, then click next and you'll be redirected to an actual radio station. See the demostration below.

Or if you have Auto Play turned on and you reach the end of the playlist, you'll get a radio station based on that playlist. 

Hope this works for you, and happy listening : ) 









I tried what was suggest to go to the end of the play list and then hit next.  Last week it took me to the top of the list.  Today, it just ends playback. 


Each "radio" list is 3 or 4 hours long.  If I want to listen to the list for more than that, I'm stuck repeating songs.  Am I the only one who likes to listen to Spotify while I'm working all day?


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Rock Star 11

Hey @Jay75  have you checked your Auto Play option? Turn it ON if it's OFF and it should works after that. You can find it in Settings > Autoplay. I tested in on both MAC and Windows and it works for me.

Thanks for the tip. I turned on autoplay. Now it continues, but the
screen doesn't change like it does in your screen share. It does allow
thumbs up and down.

This is a little improvement and good to know we aren't limited to the
selected list. But we still need to have the old functionality back.

I agree! PLEASE bring back the original "radio" features so we can 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' songs to keep improving the radio station. It was literally the only reason why I bought the Premium account. I am giving it 3 months for this seature to come back. If it doesn't then I am going to cancel my premium account.