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[Browse] Allow to change Country Origin Suggestions

Hi there,


I think many users get annoyed by those "local" recommendations that are based on the country that is chosen by their payment method.

E.g. I'm living in Europe, where English language is not local language, and I'm getting recommendations for the local songs, which I don't like, and I'd prefer English music over that, is there any chance I could change my country of recommendations to US or Canada? 



Updated on 2020-02-24

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



I have the same problem!! I'm sharing a family account with an american friend (Italian here). I don't get showed any italian podcasts, and i would love to be able to get news about my country sometimes. I noticed this problem has been going on since 2017... no let's not lie to each other: you are explicitly not facing this! I found so many users asking for that SIMPLE feature. And that's on getting an Apple Music subscription next month.


Great idea, I've seen other people have this problem too so it'd help a lot of people if this was implemented. 🙂


Yo guys Apple Music lets you do this!! Customer service done right i guess 


I didn't find this earlier, so I posted similiar, though duplicate idea:

"My music preferences differ a lot from my country's mainstream artists and songs and what I would really appreciate is the option to choose your own geographical area.


Few examples:

- each Friday I check the new releases but those shown are mainly from my locality and don't interest me (the personalized list helps a bit, but it is not a silver bullet), so I keep missing relevant new releases

- Spotify tweeted this Example which lands me to my local pop culture page and does not show the playlists in question. I am also unable to manually find the playlists through Spotify's profile (without resorting to VPN and browser, and then also I have to signed out to get the correct playlist urls). To not find content you know is there is super annoying."


I have the same complain. I'm Spanish, living in Norway. I don't really connect with the norwegian music and I don't want to get constantly suggestions from Norwegian pop artists when what I like is Rock and Metal, mostly in English. And it also affects my podcast selection: the only way for me to find Spanish podcasts is if I know the name, because all the only suggestions are from Norway.

I understand each country has different DRM and prices and taxes, I don't want to change that, I think it would be nice to unlink the payment-country from the preferences-country. In the same way I can have my computer in my mother-tongue language while I still can buy apps or games from Norwegian stores, I should be able to keep paying in Nowegian Crowns (no problem there), but set up and explore the Spanish catalogue as the default one. The planet is more and more mixed and a lot of people change countries, and it's very very nice you have access to the music you're from.


Hello PeterCsa ,


Yeah,  the content choice should be more flexible . I'm not interested the recommneded New School or local music at all .


Since Premium users pay money to stream, we have rights to choose the music we want. 


I can still see these uncessary icons when I have to use Home button . ( Please refer to the photo attached . ) 




Couldn't agree more. I'm from the USA, living in Mexico now. I'd like to hear music from many countries, and I want podcast recommendations in English. This is the internet! Why can't we listen to what we want to hear? I haven't been on Spotify for awhile and now I probably won't be back.


Same here, I really dislike local music, but when searching or browsing it would be suggested a lot



Please implement it! It is one of the most important features!!! I feel kind of bad for paying and not getting this feature!


Wow, this thing is real. Was free vpn user with usa and that was awesome. Now I'm subscribed for free few months from my country and that's sucks, so many local music everywhere in every playlist but it all trash. Don't think I will pay after free time. Real dissapointed in spotify at my country.