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Not sure how I have the your running mix one day and not the next.  Pretty sure I don’t want to run to the music you selected for the BPM in the other play list.  If another music app has this feature I would probably switch.  A little heads up would have been nice, that play list was one of the only things that gets me out of bed to go run this early in the morning!

Updated on 2018-03-02

Hey everyone, thank you for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Idea Exchange. 

As we mentioned in our Community post, we always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously.


Also know you can still workout with Spotify as your Running companion. You can find Running playlists in the Workout section of Browse section. You can also connect your Spotify running music with an exercise app. Check out our support articles on Nike+ Run Club and Runkeeper for more information.


If you’re interested to learn more about how the app evolves, check out our article about testing and why features change.


Of course if there are any updates around this we will let you all know here. Thanks!


This is a disaster. What’s going on?


I fell in love with spotify when I discovered the running feature. I was hoping that they took it down to restock it with more music or something. Now that it's gone I'm definitely reconsidering my premium account. 


This is incredibly frustrating. I had just finished convincing some friends they should look into getting Spotify because of how great the run feature was.


I've warned them not to bother now. They already have Amazon music library and some other music streaming choices. 


Why should they or I bother with Spotify? What differentiates it from its competitors now? Some ridiculous pairing with Nike that will require another app and account?


Bringt bitte die RUNNING funktion wieder!

Casual Listener

Just cancelled my premium. 

If you decide to CANCEL PREMIUM please be sure to fill the SURVEY and write WHY we did it. Maybe then they will listen to us.

As for now I'm trying RockMyRun and Fit Radio apps. Looks promising.


Generally concerned with the rate of downgrade. 3rd party app support was gone last summer and now the running mix is deleted. It doesn't help that no notifications were sent. I only hope this is temporary.


same yo get those playlists back on


This is the worst, why have you removed this option? Please bring it back. The new lists are not a viable replacement. Whoever made this decision is clearly not a runner.

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Updated on 2018-03-01

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