[Browse] Set language and country of content.

Hello, my name is Lucas and I produce several different podcasts. Although I live in the US, I'm originally from Brazil, and all the podcasts I participate in the creation and production are from Brazil.


Currently, Spotify does not allow me to see the Brazilian podcasts in the podcast browse page. I cannot sort nor search for podcasts from a country different than the US, and the only way I can find Brazilian podcasts is by searching them by name.


It becomes very difficult to discover which podcasts are trending, and to discover other podcasts I have not hear about before. I can't even see my podcasts unless I look specifically for them. This kind of information is very valuable to me, and I wish there was a way to see it.





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Updated on 2018-11-29

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

Casual Listener

I'm a Premium member and was in Japan last month.  While I was in Japan and since I've returned to the US, many Asian songs have crept into my Discover and Release Radar Spotify playlists.  Unfortunately, I only speak English, and I'm not interested in non-English music. 


The Discover and Release Radar playlists used to be my favorite playlists in Spotify, but at this point, they have become unlistenable because they no longer represent my musical interest/taste.


Id also like to see Spotify please add a language option to its playlists. 


Same applies to Browse > Genre.

Here in Switzerland I have a similar situation where I predominantly listen to US music, but am only offered with French or German options which I am not interested in.

The possibility to set the locale parameter myself would be great, and it should allow multiple selection.




This is a big issue for me. Not only the discover weekly, but practically all of the suggested playslists are unusefull to me because I really dislike Dutch music. Living in the Netherlands, practically all curated playlists have become 'Dutched', I've even added Apple Music to my music services now as a work around. Can I please control / block the languages that suggested playlists include.


Dear AI. Your place of recidency is not connected to music taste for all users.




How come we need to come and vote for this? Isn't it an obvious need? Not because we live in certain area it means we like that region's taste, I feel you @SanderH .


I have two use cases:

- First, I'm learning a foreign language, so it'd be great if I could get recommendations for music in that language.

- Second, where I live people likes to listen to **bleep**, especially teenagers who just want to **bleep** adults off.


It'd be nice if I could at least block "artists"/genres. 


Juan Carlos


I'm in the opposite situation, am from Brazil and wish to see more tracks from the US but it's extremely frustrating how over half of the content in my front page is regional only, which I hate, and on top of that radio options are 100% regional only. This is honestly the only reason why I often use YouTube instead of Spotify to listen to music, I hope they add an option for changing region preference soon.