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Change frequency of the music we listen to !

Dear Spotify, I’m contacting you as, perhaps another, faithful and loyal Spotify customer with a huge wish, allowing integration of the 432Player app with Spotify. There’s an app, called 432Player, that successfully integrated the Spotify SDK with their app in order to play the music in the 432hz tuning (a slight but significant difference for me), which is the way I enjoy consuming my music. Now I understand that this is a niche and not too many people around the world are in need of this feature and thus no need to add this to the original Spotify app. Therefore all we (the 432hz community) is kindly asking is please grant the developers of the app who succeeded in doing this the approval to go ahead and publish the app for us so we can all enjoy Spotify in our highest form. We know they were in contact with you but eventually they didn’t get an approval, but we are hoping that if you see enough of us who truly want this you might consider allowing one more time for an app of this nature to integrate with Spotify. You can contact the 432Player Team at *snip*, Much love and appreciation,


It's very interesting that a man like me doesn't hear this. I'm so angry at myself.. I'm going to give up on Spotify. It seems very intentional that it doesn't even offer such a simple thing as an option. I will use 432 player, download it and listen to the songs from here on PC and mobile.


I opened a topic on "" for support on this issue, please support.