[Chromecast] Crossfade when using Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Any progress on enabling crossfade while casting to a Chromecast Audio device?


Has been asked many times over the years but, despite positive community feedback, has still not been implemented. 


Would be an awesome feature when playing music over chromecast for parties to avoid silence between songs. 

Updated on 2017-11-20

Marked as new idea.


I want to use rain sounds to help my baby sleep. I use a loopable rain track on a Google Home Mini. Alas, crossfade isn't working when casting. The sudden interruption with silence and the immediate high volume of the track coming back on is enough to make this unusable.


Please fix this.


It's been two years and still no update on enabling crossfade and gapless playback when connected to Google devices. I just want to loop a brown noise track on Spotify through my Google home, without an interrupting pause every couple minutes when it loops. Really really annoying. What the **bleep** Spotify, this is how you lose subscribers. 


Shouldn't this be a rather easy feat? Listening via Google Home doesn't make sense at all this way. There's a ten second gap after every song.