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[Community][Connect] Spotify Charts in Pakistan

Spotify was launched in Pakistan since February 2021 making music accessible to Pakistani however due to absence of Pakistan charts, it is impossible to see how well are artists performing in the region. 


In view of public interest as well as of BTS fans who want to support their favorite artists by streaming their music, we would like the introduction of regional Spotify charts in Pakistan to see the artists popularity and demand in the region. It would prove helpful to Pakistani artists for them to see their demand in their hometown, and Pakistani fan to see how their favorite international musicians are doing in their own island. 


We hope this idea finds you in great health and is given a thought by Spotify Team. Thank You!

Updated on 2021-06-01

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  • We want Spotify charts in Pakistan 

We want Spotify charts in Pakistan 


We want Spotify charts in Pakistan 


  1. We want Spotify charts in Pakistan please.

We want Pakistan Spotify charts as soon as possible


•I want Spotify charts in Pakistan


Please kar do release ab to .😭😭


Please don't leave Pakistan out we also need Pakistani Spotify regional charts.


Spotify charts should be released in Pakistan too 


Spotify charts in Pakistan