[Connect] Don’t automatically sync what I am playing across Devices

Right now Spotify Connect works like this: I build my queue in the desktop client, listen to it, then want to go out and open my phone. The queue will be transfered to my phone and is gone on the computer. According to this thread: Connect suddenly changes current playlist other users are complaining about this and don't want their queue to be transfered / overwritten with another current playlist. So please implement a feature that lets my queue stay as it is and don't transfer it to a different connected device.

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hi everyone!


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


While we don't have plans for this right now, we're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the feedback here too.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.



The entire queue system in Spotify needs an overhaul. It sucks. What were you guys thinking?


I don't even use the queue feature at all. Instead, I use a normal playlist I called "Dumb Queue." At least Spotify can't break that playlist (yet) with Connect, but I still do lose my place in that playlist everytime I change playback devices.


I have been having issues with this too. I will queue a bunch of new albums to check out. If i leave the house and use spotify on my iphone the queue is gone when i return home. It's happened so many times - super frustrating. I should have learnt by now to just make the list a playlist. The Play queue is practically useless - you can't even play it from the iphone - so why wipe it on the desktop?

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I can see the logic behind this, but please pet me disable it!
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I actually like how I can start listening to an album on my computer and continue listening on my phone when I have to leave. I think a checkbox in the settings to turn this feature on or off would be the best way to satisfy everyone.

Casual Listener

I think this should be configurable! On my laptop, I'm not usually "listening" to the music just giving myself background noise so I can focus on my work. Whereas on my mobile I'm more focused on new music and finding great new songs... I could do this before since I'd finish listening to my playlist when I got to work, then resume right from where I left off on the way out of the office :)

Status changed to: Not Right Now


Hey guys! We are marking this as "Not Right Now" as we don't have plans for this at the moment. Please know we still want your feedback around Connect and want your kudos and comments to continue in these ideas. We keep a close on the Ideas Board and continue to collect your feedback, thanks everyone!


This feature makes me so angry that I can barely formulate a polite and coherent post. I've been a premium user for about three years now and have been a big advocate of Spotify, but I will not recommend the product to another person until this is fixed. Forcing us to synchronize across devices is just a really horrible idea.

Casual Listener

This has seriously curtailed my use of Spotify.   I build work-appropriate queues on my desktop at work, only to find it supplanted the next day by whatever I last listened to on my iPad at home (really??).  I started to get excited about creating workout playlists so I could start to work on getting healthy, to again realize it would mess up my workplace queue.  (Admittedly, a bit of rationalization going on there, but 

Spotify is definitely not helping the situation, lol.)


i already switched to a different music service for falling-asleep music, but that at least made sense since I use the same device (ipad) I otherwise use at home.  Surely as a Premium user, I should be able to enjoy a different queue on each of my devices.


Please make syncing across devices optional!




Anyone have any news of this? Just had an update, wondered if there's been any implementation to give the option to turn this function off?

I do not use Spotify any more at work (desktop machine 8 hours a day) as I don't want to lose my place from what I'm playing (on my phone) during the commute.

Spotify: You are losing 40 hours a week from me as a listener just because there's no option to override this function. I understand how it would be a cool tool for some use cases, but users always need an "undo". Go find your usability experts and listen to them, not your developers and their "technical restraints".


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Here we go again, my 90+ song queue that I have been adding to throughout my work week just got wiped off my work computer AGAIN for the umpteenth time this month. My laptop at home has been shut down for the last two weeks. My cell phone has been turned to "Offline Mode" for the last two weeks. 


I am a paying customer. Comcast doesn't randomly wipe my DVR. Sprint doesn't randomly wipe my text messeges.


I use my queue to line up simimlar artists, or more accurately, artists that spotify deems similar, which is often way off base. I use this to discover music. So when it wipes, I no longer get to experience those artists, BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE. This is completely ruining my spotify experience. 

I find it laughable that I even had to register for these threads, considering all the other subsccription services I use make sure that my experience isn't hindered by new features they implement. Spotify is a joke at $10/mo. Especially when I am randomly forced to find something to listen to, despite setting up a play queue that should last me DAYS if unaltered.

FIX THIS **bleep** NOW. My girl and I will be cancelling at the end of the month if this doesn't get fixed. I already stopped using spotify on two other devices because I was told it was the only way to prevent my work computer's queue from being erased. $10/mo for music at work is NOT WORTH IT. ESPECIALLY WHEN I CAN NO LONGER CONTROL MY PLAY QUEUE.

WHAT A **bleep**ING JOKE!!!!!