[Connect] Don’t automatically sync what I am playing across Devices

Right now Spotify Connect works like this: I build my queue in the desktop client, listen to it, then want to go out and open my phone. The queue will be transfered to my phone and is gone on the computer. According to this thread: Connect suddenly changes current playlist other users are complaining about this and don't want their queue to be transfered / overwritten with another current playlist. So please implement a feature that lets my queue stay as it is and don't transfer it to a different connected device.

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hi everyone!


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


While we don't have plans for this right now, we're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the feedback here too.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.


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Casual Listener

I, as a lot of people here, use Spotify at work and at home/on the way home. I like listening to albums in their entirety, so when I leave work in the middle of an album, I want to resume playing it the next day (same goes on at home). Now it's not possible anymore...

I think this is a nice feature, but it's a feature I don't want to use, we should have the choice of disabling it.


So if I cancel my premium account will it also cancel Spotify Connect? Please let me know. For premium I would like a choice. Thanks


I have different playlists for my work laptop, my phone, and my home computer. Now I have to manually find my way back to where I were in each list every time I switch device. This feature is driving me nuts. Please make it optional!


Totally agree with the above people, having spotify syncing play queues accross multiple devices is a glorius feature and I understand if many people love it, but it turns my listening habits completely upside down as I want one kind of music at work (playing from my computer) and keep listening from where i stopped my audio book when I walk back and forth to work from my phone (and then perhaps something nice and funky when doing chores back at home or just chilling out at a third device). Again, I'm not trying to listen in different places simultaneously, I just want all my devices to be "by them selves" when it comes to play queues!


PLEASE implement a way to disable this feature, either per account or per device, to me it doesn't matter, I joined this forum for this reason alone and really hope it's possible to make a change!

Same to me, hate this future. My wife cannot work anymore when I am listening to music (both devices are mine). Please give option to disable !!!!

I almost got the police called on me thanks to Spotify Connect. 


For the record, this is not a feature I want or have ever used on purpose. If I'm having a party, maybe having the ability to turn it ON would be cool, but it should be off by default.


Here's what happened:


I was at work on a Friday afternoon and played a song from my Spotify inbox on my work laptop to show a coworker. My repeat setting is turned on (I like to listen to ambient music while I work), however, I paused the song halfway through because he wanted to show me a YouTube video instead. After finishing the video, I closed my laptop (while Spotify was still open but not playing) and little to my knowledge, somehow Spotify Connect kicked on and started playing the paused song on my iMac at home. The external speakers hooked up to my iMac were cranked to 11 from when we were at home earlier in the day.


So I went out straight from work for the night with my fiance. We got home at 1:30am to a scathing note from our downstairs neighbors taped to the door about the loud music. We figured it must have been music from our upstairs neighbors that they heard because we weren't even home. It wasn't until I went to put Netflix on the iMac and saw my Spotify play queue that I realized that the music was blasting from about 7:30pm until 1am (my iMac is set to go to sleep every night at 1am).  Our poor neighbors had to listen to blaring music from our apartment for 5 and a half hours and the worst thing is that it was the same song on repeat the entire time. As you can imagine, we were horrified and dropped off a sincere apology note wth two bottles of wine, but they haven't forgiven us yet. They also threatened to file a noise complaint with the police and notify our landlord. 


Worst ever. We now are sure to turn off the speakers before we leave the apartment in the morning, but still.


Thank you Spotify for erasing the play queue on my work PC because I bought Premium... I happen to like to listen to different things at home / at work / on mobile. Apparently only Spotify Free gives me the option to do that...


I would put this right near the top of the list of priorities.




Spotify Devs, 


I don't have the privilege of knowing what it is that you all deem more important than fixing this, but it is a lot more than people being typically cranky and fussing on the internet. I have spoken in person to friends and coworkers about this, and though some have concded that it is *potentially* useful to be able to control desktop Spotify from a phone, in fact this feature is buggy, poorly conceived, ill-received by the majority of users, and probably should never have been released in its current state.


Were there beta testers? Can I know who they are so I can write a strongly-worded letter? I have been having ongoing problems with Spotify connect (and other issues) since last summer and as a result have almost completely switched back to iTunes and am using Soundcloud more frequently than ever. I still pay for premium but I am wondering why I bother, since I only really use the basic functions of Spotify anymore. Looking forward to seeing what Apple music has to offer; if nothing else they know how to simplify a UI and keep it relatively bug-free.

Casual Listener

Dear spotify...


When will this be resolved? This is a huge issue and posts are clearly not being taken seriously. Please resolve asap. I can't use one of my 2 devices without the other one getting involved... It's badly thought out, not tested very well and a huge number of people have been screaming about it since last year. It's almost end of June and still no resolution. Where's the proactive Spotify when you need them?