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[Connect] [Kids] Add Spotify Connect support for Spotify Kids

When playing music through Spotify Kids, it is not possible to cast the music to a Google Chromecast audio device. This has lead to many conversations revolving around “but why can’t I put my dance party on the stereo”, and so we have to go back to the main Spotify app to get said dance party going and avert the tears 😀And with the kids stuck at home on account of school closures and lockdowns, there are a lot of dance parties happening. And they much prefer the app geared towards them than the regular app. Because the Spotify Connect feature is already implemented in the main Spotify app, it should be implemented also in the Spotify Kids app to have the same connectivity options.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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Spotify, please comment.
I am going to downgrade to an individual account until this is supported as what we have now is identical to having one. With everyone in the family listening on voice-activated speakers the kids are just defaulting to using my account anyway and as MGLaRocca says booting me off when I am at work or in the car and Baby Sharking my whole playlist!




This is badly needed, being restricted to Bluetooth devices is a pain and renders this app useless for Cast households.


Any updates? 


Implement it already!!


if this gets implemented there should be a new help category for it and i think it would look like this and no i did not mod spotify i only used Pixlr E so that's why it looks real. i don't like how i named it because anything i typed in it just felt weird. 




It's been two years since you've noticed EVERY PARENT wants this...why have you not added the ability to cast kids account?! 


What is the status on this. My kids are too young for their own amazon accounts or Spotify accounts, they don't have their own phones. I have a premium family account, just purchased two Amazon Kids echo dots for my 7 and 8 year old daughters. They are each set up on Spotify kids but as it stands right now they can't play music independently on each others speakers.  It will only use my account on the kids speakers and Spotify will only stream on one speaker at a time. This thread is from three (3) years ago, has this been implemented or figured out yet? 


They don't care. I suggest you take your money elsewhere. There are several services that will copy your likes, albums, etc., to other services. After boomeranging through Deezer and Pandora after being abandoned by Google Play Music, I have ended up at YouTube Music, now that they added support for children accounts a while after the service first launched. They've added back most features they were missing from GPM, and it's not perfect, but it does work for my whole family. Good luck!


@yottabit I think yours was the post I needed to jump ship. Investigating now.



Spotify you don't care about kids or families, this should have been fixed months ago.