[Connect] Make Spotify Connect a Choice

I want to have the opption to turn it off. Please fix this, i wan't to listen to music and still be online without connect starts.

Please fix this. 


Jag vill gärna kunna använda spotify på en telefon utan att den andra telefonen ska börja dra batteri för att ni kommit på denna tjänst utan en avstängningsfunktion. Då ni är Svenska som startat detta hoppas jag på att ni accepterar svensk text. Och en svensk meny till spotify hade varit trevligt. :)


Från en trogen användare sedan år tillbaka :)

Updated on 2019-01-11

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Just wanted to chime in as well and say that my Spotify experience is being negatively affected by Connect as well. Please add the option to disable it.

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Joining the choir. I use Spotify with my phone or on my desktop computer, I don't need any kind of connection between the two, I'm using them completely independently. Previously starting playback on one device just paused the other, PLEASE go back to that.


Brand new subscriber here, what a disapointment this "feature" is. Don't get me wrong, the functionality itself works great, but not having the option to turn it off (especially noticing this thread is over 6 months old) is ridiculous. I've currently uninstalled the application from all of my devices since I mostly use the desktop app anyway, but this is seriously making me reconsider my subscription because, and I can't believe I'm saying this, the ads were less anoying.

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How is this still "Not Right Now", it has been over 3 years and 34 pages of people commenting about this and still nothing? What have they been working on cause there has been almost no new functionality in the app in the past couple years. All they have done is cosmetic tweaks, while they are pretty nice, how about focusing some of that effort on fixing this fundamentally hated feature so people will actually enjoy their experiences using this service. The only reason I still use Spotify is because there hasn't been a great replacement yet, but now Deezer is starting to get pretty good and even Apple Music is pretty good if you have apple devices. So if nothing is done about this soon, I'm probably going to move to Deezer. From what I hear Deezer actually cares about their customers and listens to their wants and needs, and has actually been adding requested features and fixing reported bugs and issues over the past year, unlike spotify.


Now that Spotify wants an IPO, it's this dismissal of customer concerns that gives me pause to invest in it. I get that Spotify doesn't want you to listen on two streams at once on two different devices, but there are ways to solve that problem without being autocratic.


Hi Spotify Team,


This kind of feature is very annoying and the worst part is that I CAN'T DISABLE IT!!! 
You know, this kind of development seems very poor conceived! 
Please, I ask that you come up with an update that allows me to use the app ONLY on the devices I want and not being connecting randomly (and even miles away) to any device! 


Thanks / Obrigado / Gracias


So, it is now 2018, and I am still unable to turn off this unwanted feature. I would be fine if it only connected when I asked it. But the fact that devices can fight over what song is playing is complete BS. I have been using spotify for many, many years. And this "feature" is making me want to cancel my premium account.


Can you please make this into a priority? I can't turn this ability off, and for some reason Spotify on my phone likes to prioritize other people's devices instead of my own. The only way I've been able to turn off other people's devices on my phone when I'm trying to listen to my own music is to go into offline mode which is not ideal.


Please make this very intrusive function optional


Is there a big financial reason for you that you would require connection to other unintended devices?  We're still paying the fee but don't want other devices to connect.  Please just be honest and tell everyone if you have a reason that you will never fix this and provide an option to turn it off.  We know it is technology easy and it is insulting to everyone's intelligence the way you are ignoring the question or saying "not right now."