[Connect] Make Spotify Connect a Choice

I want to have the opption to turn it off. Please fix this, i wan't to listen to music and still be online without connect starts.

Please fix this. 


Jag vill gärna kunna använda spotify på en telefon utan att den andra telefonen ska börja dra batteri för att ni kommit på denna tjänst utan en avstängningsfunktion. Då ni är Svenska som startat detta hoppas jag på att ni accepterar svensk text. Och en svensk meny till spotify hade varit trevligt. :)


Från en trogen användare sedan år tillbaka :)

Updated on 2019-01-11

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Hope it will be implemented soon, Spotify Connect is really annoying.


Please give us the option to disable Connect if you don't have any plans to fix it.


This needs to be on a fix list. It IS an annoying problem.


As a developer myself, i know there is always another way to solve the core issue here, which is spotify wanting to lock down music playing from one device at any one time.


Which is fine, so how about a toggle on each device that called:


"Continue playing from last device" 


"Keep devices in sync"


Limit to one device at one time, absolutely, but STOP FORCING THE SAME MUSIC QUEUE


My work music is VASTLY different to my excersise (on my phone), which is also vastly different to my home pc music queue.


Yet i can almost never reliably EXPLORE NEW MUSIC, since i only have the car ride home before i then immediately lose the progress since i need to play one of my playlists.


THIS IS A SIMPLE FIX, just store per-device music queue data if this option is enabled on that device.

Casual Listener

Please allow us to have a device not be a part of the "Connect to a device". I have some music and playlists for my work laptop so I can have motivating work music. Then I have play lists on my phone for the car and when being outside. The trouble is that the Connect to a device feature tries to hand off when I leave or arrive at work and the queue gets hijacked by the other device.


It is really annoying, let us turn this off for individual devices. I see the utility of continuing a session. But not all the time and not for all devices.


For example, I can't listen to podcasts at work, the talking is distracting to me, so I don't want to bring my phone podcasts into to work. I end up **bleep**ing around with the web client trying to get control of my music instead of preping for work.

Casual Listener

5 years later.. Spotify don't care about their customers. What a joke.


If this wouldn't be cared soon me and whole family are going to another streaming service. This is ridiculous how they treat their paying customers.



I have spotify playing on my phone while I'm out cycling and my Alexa in the house is using the same account. It seems both can't play different content at the same time.


I'm getting ticked off with Spotify Connect.  My family uses Spitify with our premium account.  I can play music and it will start playing on my families phones.  Its irritating!!!  Why isnt there an option for cutting it off?


It seems that spotify's team have no clue how to fix this AWFUL thing! Well, now I'd escalated from twitter. Hope someone answer it!


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