[Connect] Multiple Speakers / Devices simultaneously

Now that connect is becoming available it would be nice to be able to connect to multiple outputs at the same time. For example I have 2 connect compatable speakers... it'd be great to have these in different parts of my house and be able to stream the same music to both.


I would suggest a maximum of 3 devices at the same time. This will allow for most scenarios to be catered for without streatching the bandwidth too much that it will degrade quality.

Updated on 2019-12-02

Hey folks.

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Well said!


Its sad how true that is...


Seriously Spotify! You take so long to answer, only to tell us you couldn't care less about what we actually want.

An explanation would have been nice. If you just explain that you can't technically get it to work then we would shrug it off and say, thank you for trying. We understand there are issues... we understand how some systems introduce lag / sync issues (e.g Sonos) and your worried about how it would end up being more of a pain than its worth. We just want to know that you took our request seriously and gave it a try.

We know there are workarounds... we just want an elegant solution that would work through your app. Its funny but I personally still pick your app over the competition. I'm in your app more than 4 hours on the worst of days and 15 on the best of days. I pick your app over the Sonos App, I pick your app over giving commands to my 10+ Alexa devices around the house. But still your making me try both Amazon Music HD and Tidal for the past few months. It's sad how those also lack in other ways but at least they have turned to high res audio and listen to there customers requests.

Help us by making us love your service again Spotify. All were asking for a little mutual respect.





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Ahhh shoot right! Airfoil. I forgot about that... I have one too....

well said George ! .... I have been following this thread for at least 5 years now (auto receive replies)

I long ago gave up and bought a few Chromecast Audio dongles.  It's a bit of a pain to set up, but quite doable.

Just too bad that you can't use regular Video Chromecasts to form groups as well.

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Strebble, you can use regular Chromecasts to form speaker groups! The Google Home app allows you to add them to groups, you just gotta get around the HDMI only output issue.


I use Chromecasts for speaker groups daily. Two Chromecasts for the living room and bedroom and one Google Home Mini for the bathroom, all as a single group. One Chromecast goes through an HDMI to HDMI+SPDIF passthrough box, and that SPDIF out goes to a proper audio receiver with nice speakers. The other Chromecast outputs audio via HDMI to the bedroom TV, which has its own 3.5mm output, probably meant for headphones, but when hooked up to powered speakers with their own volume control, you get nice sound with little effort.


So you can go the easier way, through a TV that has some kind of audio out, or buy a passthrough adapter for your particular need, HDMI to HDMI + RCA / SPDIF. They aren't too expensive and they add a lot of functionality.



I heard you can buy the jbl flip speakers....and transmit to all of them and maybe even stereo with 2 different signals in different locations.   Anybody have any knowledge on this?? thanks

I don’t know about that but you can use, e.g. Echo Inputs, or any Echo devices, linked together via the “Multi Room …” and connect them to speakers either by Bluetooth, 3.5 mm jack, or if the stereo/speakers uses traditional speaker cables, with a 3.5mm to RCA adapter.
You get different lag with multiple Bluetooth devices so playback isn’t perfectly in sync.
OK. Well you can use one Blue Tooth connection and other speakers connected to Echo Dots and Echo Inputs and everything is in synch. That is what I do.
I have tried this.. it doesnt work... when i connect an echo 5 to a set of q acoustics bt3 and try doing a multi room the audio always plays through the echo 5. if i try playing through the q acoustics then it just stops the multi room.