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[Connect] Option to deactivate Spotify Connect

I want to have the opption to turn it off. Please fix this, i wan't to listen to music and still be online without connect starts.

Please fix this. 


Jag vill gärna kunna använda spotify på en telefon utan att den andra telefonen ska börja dra batteri för att ni kommit på denna tjänst utan en avstängningsfunktion. Då ni är Svenska som startat detta hoppas jag på att ni accepterar svensk text. Och en svensk meny till spotify hade varit trevligt. 🙂


Från en trogen användare sedan år tillbaka 🙂

Updated on 2023-03-27

Hey everyone,


It seems that this idea ended up in the wrong board accidentally, so we're bringing it back.


We're keeping the Not Right Now status, as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.


So which issue is this talking about?

1 - Syncing your account/history across devices

2 - Playing something on once device forces it to be the next thing that plays on the next device wiping out where the last device was


Number 2 is what is annoying. Trying to only listen to a certain podcast on my PC then music on my phone later but then I lose were I was on the podcast when I switch back to the PC because what my phone was playing overwrites it.



Spotify, so let me get this right—you have 64 pages of comments from people annoyed by this stupid pop up, but you still mark it under "Not right now"? How does that qualify as "listening to your community"? The Desktop app is a steaming pile of bad UX decisions as it is, at least let us have this one.


Looking to disable spotify connect. My music keeps stopping because my children ask their speaker to play music. I have google voice match turned on, and each child is logged into a different spotify account but it still happens daily. I have 8 speakers in my home, so they are constantly being used. I am canceling our family plan because the feature can't be deactivated.


I'm not sure if this is the same problem but on Andriod you can hide certain notifications and I just happened to stumble upon this because I too am annoyed but the abrupt popup and music playing on different devices I'm not currently using at home while I'm listening at work.

1. On the Notifications Drop down Press and Hold until you get the option below. (I didnt screenshot before disabling)

2. Select "Notification Categories" at the bottom


3. Select Spotify Connect and the banner to "connect to" device thats not being used disappears

Unselect Spotify ConnectUnselect Spotify Connect


Adding my voice to the 64 pages of annoyed customers since 2014. Seriously Spotify, it's coming up on 10 years now.

It's doubly annoying because it doesn't even do it right for me. It syncs late and then forgets which songs were already played on the PC.

I'll be listening to music on my PC, then go for a drive and start playing music... and about 5 or 6 songs it is when it'll sync, and I'll notice that I'm listening to the same songs in the same order as I was 60 minutes ago on my PC.

I can see how this feature might be wanted by some people (assuming it works properly for them), but holy heck it's annoying for me.


Wow what a non-response. I am getting very sick of device sync like everyone else in this thread. Please get rid of this stupid feature or at least give us the option to disable it!

I cancelled spotify and went back to youtube music - Spotify connect hasn't
bothered me since!!






SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

At some point in the last 6-8 months, whenever I play Spotify on my PC, it will also play the exact same song on my phone in the background.


I know this is NOT an issue with which device Spotify is set to play out of. The desktop app clearly states that the PC is where its playing music. All sound will play out of my PC with no issues. However my phone will still track exactly what I'm listening to on my PC, where I'm at in the song, and update it on the phones playback overlay as if I am actively listening on my phone.


I'm on the PC app every single day for over 12 hours a day. This absolutely DESTROYS my phone battery since my phone treats it like I'm streaming music on it every day for over 12 hours a day too.


I've tried to limit the phone apps' background activity and permissions, as well as change some settings with battery usage. While this worked, it also caused many new issues and is not a permanent fix at all. 


So far the only way I've found to stop it without issues is to go into android settings>apps>spotify> and force stop the app every. single. time. I use spotify on PC or everytime I pause the music on PC for more than 5 minutes. This is unreasonable as **bleep** considering how much I use Spotify on PC. 


Has anyone experienced the same issue and found a fix for it?

I'm extremely tired of dealing with this and assumed it would have been fixed by now since once of Spotify's updates obviously caused this.



My computer is hooked up to high quality studio monitors. I don't want to listen on my dinky Amazon Echo. Please stop showing this annoying**bleep**.


This feature is extremely obnoxious and even if it always worked properly the benefits are small. I'm tired of working on my car and my Garage PC streaming getting stolen by my head unit only to not switch back when I turn the car off. Rinse, repeat for hours... then I come inside when I'm done and try to play music on the Living Room PC and instead of playing music on the device I just opened the program on it starts playing in the garage and I have to manually switch. If I go take a shower and take my phone with me and try to play something it will instead try to control the living room.

I have only used this feature on purpose to harass my girlfriend by playing Kidz Bop when she's on the way home from work. Please stop actively making your service worse.