[Connect] Show Chromecast on Desktop's Device List

The idea is simple. Why create new features and options for connecting to a new device when its already developed?

Spotify can currently change the device playing music within a LAN in a way that is so seamless I jumped the first time when there were no delay. Why not use this already impressively implemented feature for chromecast? If chromecast was available as a device then it would make it a lot easier for us to use on the computer too, which is the main music player when anyone's home.


My guess is that a chromecast can't truly act as a device, but there should be a way to do this through some back-end trickery. Especially if there are unlicensed 3rd party programs that can cast (popcorntime for example).



Updated on 2017-11-09

Hey everyone, we know this idea has grown considerably over the past year. While we still do definitely like this idea, but it isn't something that is coming soon. Please know the team behind Spotify Connect have been made aware of your votes and feedback here. Should we start working on this we will let you all know right here. Thanks!