[Connect] Show Chromecast on Desktop's Device List

The idea is simple. Why create new features and options for connecting to a new device when its already developed?

Spotify can currently change the device playing music within a LAN in a way that is so seamless I jumped the first time when there were no delay. Why not use this already impressively implemented feature for chromecast? If chromecast was available as a device then it would make it a lot easier for us to use on the computer too, which is the main music player when anyone's home.


My guess is that a chromecast can't truly act as a device, but there should be a way to do this through some back-end trickery. Especially if there are unlicensed 3rd party programs that can cast (popcorntime for example).



Updated on 2017-11-09

Hey everyone, we know this idea has grown considerably over the past year. While we still do definitely like this idea, but it isn't something that is coming soon. Please know the team behind Spotify Connect have been made aware of your votes and feedback here. Should we start working on this we will let you all know right here. Thanks!

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FWIW, Spotify Connect now officially supports Sonos natively in both the mobile and desktop apps. Yes a Sonos Connect is a bit more (ok, 10x at $350USD) expensive than a Google Chromecast Audio, but it works as we're expecting in this thread. The added up-front cost seems to me a relatively small price to pay for a solution to a problem that neither Spotify nor Google seem like they will ever address. Best of luck, and remember, Spotify Doesn't Care(tm).


Too bad, that Spotify does not seem to want to cooperate with hardware developers to make something happening.

No progress on Alexa or Google home. No progress on chromecast. No progress with Qalcomm Allplay...

Is there any system that is working without issues?



I don't get it...what is so hard to just drop a few lines of code in the desktop app and boom....it's done...

What your wrote above is simply just : "thanks for your comment, but not interested because we want to push spotify connect"

Why is it so hard to make it work on the desktop? An explanation for that would be nice


How many votes do you need? Connecting to Chromecast Audio should surely be a standard feature in the Windows Desktop App just at is in my Deezer app, my BBC iPlayer app, my TuneIn app etc. These other services work perfectly so why is it only Spotify who deem a reliable and universally accessible Chromecast connection unneccesary?

You are forcing customers to look elsewhere when they, like me, have home (or car) hifi equipment through which they'd like to use an inexpensive Chromecast Audio dongle to listen to their music.

Whilst, yes, I can connect from Android/Chrome browser, I cannot get the full experience by accessing my offline playlists this way (my Android device has insufficient storage for most of my playlists). Spotify Connect is also very unreliable with Chromecast connections - on occasions when I can connect and stream via Android/browser, the connection disappears after a few songs resulting in silence. Not great so how about a fix and the additional functionality in the desktop app please Spotify?


please update from spotify side! with more connected speakers (voice driven ai) i don't want to shout out every time to control the volume


VLC has just released chromecast support...
https://www.videolan.org/vlc/releases/3.0.0.htmlSo  it should be easy to add the support in the desktop version since it seems on the previous Spotify statements it used to be "google chrome only" for the poor desktop users...


Been a Spotify subscriber since 2010 and never considered moving to Google Play Music, but I do now. I'm using Chromecast throughout my home on different locations and use my Macbook and PC to control my music most of the time yet there is no way to connect easily, let alone control the volume from the app. I might just have to move on, especially after reading Spotify's supercilious answer here.


Spotify is treating their customers like dog**bleep**. I have been using Spotify since it all begun and only once before though about leaving (when they dragged their feet for 2 years making a iPAD client)


However, what just happened now is the end. First i realized that Spotify, out of the blue terminated connect support for older devices (2014-2015 ish) Bought a NAD d7050 for the Spotify support but now thats gone (most vendors have affected products). Presented solution was to get a Chromcast Audio instead. Fair enough. Just relaized that Spotify has not botherd implementing support for chromecast in their desktop apps. And the BS reply to this "idea" is just plain insulting.


Spotifys new slogan "Spotify - Because we dont give a **bleep**!" 







I know there's a lot of theories on the implementation barrier here.  If this is a problem with the hardware or api that google implements, can you let us know that so we can ask Google to unblock you?


This feature request seems too low-hanging of fruit to ignore for something so jarring to the experience.  I'm seriously thinking of ditching my google home because of this, as I mainly use it for spotify.