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Continue Everynoise is an invaluable exploration of Spotify genres, and the only place to see complete Friday releases with genre cross-references. Without it, much new music goes unheard.

The Spotify employee, glenn mcdonald, who maintained this was let go in recent round of layoffs.

Everynoise is no longer getting data feeds (beyond basic api) and New Releases may not happen.

Please make everynoise functions supported. I would prioritize New Releases.

Updated on 2024-01-27

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We hope that it will continue to gain support from more users. Thank you for your valuable contribution - we truly appreciate it!

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I totally agree with victorvr. Furthermore, I add that Spotify should have the complete list of music that is uploaded to its servers, showing it to users daily or weekly. It is a very necessary tool. Until last week, was the best site to discover a huge variety of diverse music with its "New Music Friday/Friday releases". The idea of playlists to discover music is not enough for many users, including myself. I hope you can implement a complete and exhaustive list of all the vast material that artists upload daily. If we do not have access to that music, it is impossible to listen to it. Thank you very much in advance


As a passionate music lover, I deeply appreciate and its unique contribution to music discovery. Spotify's genre tagging is a great feature, but it doesn't fully support finding new music. fills this gap brilliantly. It offers an extensive genre list and innovative navigation tools, making it easier to discover new music, especially through its "New Music Fridays."

This site has become a vital part of my daily routine. I'm not usually much of an internet user, but I visit numerous times a day. Each visit introduces me to new music, new artists, and gives me something exciting to share with friends and family. I hope Spotify will continue to support this wonderful site.


Please bring back to life , one of most useful instruments for music fans. I was used it every day. I miss it.


Sadly, I don't wanna keep my hopes up that Spotify would be ever interested in a service like this, targeted for more technically and musically advanced user. It's annoying that they bought it to eventually kill it, but that's unfortunately the history of Internet to you.


I'll just share the sentiment  that is absolutely true:


For many years, I was sure that I'll never stop using Spotify because Every Noise at Once existed. Now I'm not so sure anymore. I will consider moving to the competitor now. I'll say more, if Glenn McDonald was now hired by one of the competitors and allowed to work on a similar project, I'd move in a heartbeat.


I'm sure I'm not the only one.


The Edge, The Pulse, The Sound, House Concert... These are so valuable playlists and being updated every week by everynoise and glenn mcdonald. Please keep it continuing


Please bring back the everynoise maker!

matjeshappen was my favorite hobby. no release radar has shown me as much new music as this site.


Just found out about the end of an era, please keep this up!




Release Radar is only as good as the number of artists you're following. The app Crabhands is quite good for this as well. But New Releases page was one of my favorite places to find new artists. All categorized in whatever genre you can think of. Visiting it on Friday morning was literally one of my most important elements of weekly routine.


I'm still absolutely heartbroken that it happened because I just know I can follow hundreds of additional artists now but I'll never have the same experience again.


EveryNoise was at the heart of the love of music I've developed over the last two years. The ability to explore a true map of music with the detail of McDonald's site gave me a great appreciation of so many different types of music and got me hooked on everything from Brazilian Post-Rock to Souldies to Bubblegrunge. Over 90% of my favorite artists that I've started following over these last two years have come from the site's tools, whether through an updated map or new releases. It broke my heart to hear about his layoff and to see the EveryNoise site go still. It gave listeners a freedom that no personalized algorithm on the Spotify platform could. Even if McDonald no longer is employed by Spotify I would imagine he would still work on EveryNoise as a passion project if he had access to his old tools, even if in a modified form.


Please don't become like most other companies.