[Country][Subscription] Add Premium Family for South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, Spotify :) 


Your amazing family plan, would be a great + welcome addition here. Being able to easily, and cheaply, sign up my family under 1 account would make billing a breeze.


And shame, my technologically challenged mom and dad (who type in 'google', into their Chrome URL bar so they can search for google, and then google something) wouldn't know where to start in setting up billing and all that... Being able to manage this for them via my account, would be amazing.


Thanks kindly - for your attention to the above, and for coming to SA.

Updated on 2018-03-16

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

Marked as new idea :-)

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If this feature is available in other countries just enable it here. Why be a bunch of idiots. Will rather use another platform then, you don’t deserve my business for such a lame implementation. We have to vote for this, really?????


My family is pressuring me to sign them up for Apple Family Plan. But I really like Spotify, but until I can do a family plan on Spotify, I'm a bit **bleep** and have to keep dodging the discussion.


Please team, let's make this happen ASAP. FYI: My family is 6 people - Myself, the Mrs and our 4 daughters. Too many women to contend with!!! Please help a dad out ;)


Please enable your family plan in South Africa... I have just moved to Spotify because I like your ethos but if I can't get a family plan I'll have to move back, I have 2 teenage kids...


Now 2019. Can we please get an update for this? Would love to have the family option.




I also cannot see where to add a family member on my profile. The official help says:


  1. Go to your account page.
  2. Click Premium for Family in the menu on the left

But I do not have Premium for Family on the left...


Anybody else have this issue?

Also, Spotify makes it really hard to email someone to get help on it. Even navigating thriough the forum to post this on a message from over a year ago was tough and I am not sure if anyone can see it.

Bit disallussioned with the service levels tbh


When is this coming to South Africa, the family plans


Spotify... please do the family plan in South Africa!! My daughters have converted me to spotify from google music family account. Would love to add them to my account too. Could you perhaps comment on a timeline for this or what the difficulties are in providing the service here?



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I've just started the 3 month free with apple music with a family plan in mind... if its not done by then then Apple Music I stay...


I am also wanting to move from Apple Music to be able to have music on Amazon Alexa. Spotify works best (in South Africa) but does not have the family option which I need. 


Who else is here trying to move their family plans from Apple Music? XD

But for real, Spotify, do the things hle. S'yak'cela ke?