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Customer feedback/artist data collaboration

Status: Live Idea

crazy idea but not farfetched. Spotify, could we have a comments section for the songs we listen to?

I have a vision that this will bring a lot of community engagement between artists and their musical feedback. Artists can use this platform if they feel a slump in their craft. It can bring them back to the feelings when they were writing songs and how it has impacted the listeners. Something like Youtube's comment section.

( Control Variable: filter out negative comments) comments that just bag the songs puts a negative feeling and it can really divide a community,

i'm sure legal can advise that filtering out personal opinion won't get you into too much trouble regarding freedom of speech but who wants that it the community. but expresses how they feel. This could drive community engagement and user interaction, then artists can plan their setlists when they go on tour. who's listening to what in the area.

A statisical metric platform.

As a local DJ. i always try to match my songs to the mood of the listeners. These comments will help reach the artists as well so they if they ever feel their in a slump of their creativity. And artists can use it as a reference for their next venture.

Keep this comment section out of foreground. This will filter out the casual listeners from those who like to dig a little deeper into the artist's motivations and direction

This app is great. can't live without it