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DJ version of Spotify

Status: Under Consideration
by Radioedit on ‎09-02-2012 04:12 PM

I'm a DJ. I want a DJ interface for Spotify, where I can play two tracks at once over the top of each other. 


It doesn't have to be anything complex -- just two tracks and a crossfader would do the job. But if you fancy adding things like waveforms, pitch-shifting, and other functionality, that would be lovely too.

Status: Under Consideration


Hey guys, a few of you pointed out this wasn't fully implemented as it's not out on all platforms. We're marking this as "Under consideration" for now to correct that for you. You can read more about djay and Spotify right here

In case you're interested there are separate ideas for other platforms here:

Spotify DJ app [Desktop]

Spotify DJ app [Android]


Update 2014-06-02

Recently our friends at Algoriddim announced a major update to djay for iPhone and iPad. This new version lets all our Premium subscribers mix millions of tracks using their iPhone and iPad, as well as hook up their professional DJ hardware to a massive library of music.

Not only can Spotify Premium subscribers DJ millions of songs, but they’ll also enjoy real-time, intelligent suggestions on what to play next, powered by The Echo Nest’s analysis of all the music on Spotify

by Spotify ‎10-02-2012 01:34 PM - edited ‎10-02-2012 01:34 PM

This would certainly be good for budding DJ's working up their practice. I've played around with Tracktor and, as fun as it is, if you have a song in your head you don't have access to try, it's difficult to try. 


However, due to the primary nature of DJ'ing (playing for other people) is not allowed under the present Spotify terms and conditions. A Sounddrop-esque app allowing a DJ mix control might be cool though...

by rad_ryan on ‎15-02-2012 03:37 PM

I always find myself acting as a "DJ" at parties and I use Spotify. I love Queue-ing songs on the list, but I always wanted to use Spotify with a DJ-ing program like Virtual DJ. 


Perhaps there can be a DJ app created on Spotify? Or better yet, does anyone have a great idea on how to use Spotify with a DJ program that's out there?



by DavidVillegas on ‎21-02-2012 05:04 PM

These days most club dj's are mixing purely off software and using controllers to do any "mixing" regardless of how far we are going from "real" djing as some may say, Regardless it is the way we are heading. So what about allowing your traktor or serato  to go into your spotify or letting you search based on BPM's? also what about a little bump in quality for the mobile to atleast 320? 

by Shelveen on ‎23-02-2012 07:25 AM

I want to be able to download the Spotify music and use it in the DJ Software such as Virtual DJ or something


Any ideas?

by enikoltsios on ‎23-02-2012 12:56 PM

This would be awsome! I've been waiting for this since i first started using spotify back in the beggining of 2011

by mdanielson007 on ‎23-02-2012 08:24 PM

How about Pitch Control of playback? Every one is a DJ and without Pitch control, we can't beat match our favorite tunes...

by Rising Star Radian on ‎24-02-2012 09:02 AM

Great! We have crossfade for queued tracks so we can make seamless mixtapes ahead of time.


Now, what would be fantastic is if we could initiate a crossfade form any payback position in one track to the start of another. This would always be my preferred way of skipping out of one track to another (rather than an abrubt cutoff) but it would also be nice for the DJ's in us to do some live mixing

by fisque on ‎24-02-2012 04:01 PM

I was actually suprised this funktion was'nt available in yesterdays update. Since half the work is already done i hope this will be easy to implement and therefore be implemented soon. When listening to music on a saturday night with friends i often find myself only listening to 2/3 of most songs, and it always kills the mood when the music goes silent even for only one second.


Kudos for listening to us users and implement the current crossfade function, still appreciate it even thou i'd like to be able to initiate crossfade on demand!

by StevenR on ‎24-02-2012 05:11 PM

I also expected that the update would include this function, as crossfade is described in the blog as "fading out one song as you bring another in" which implies the crossfade is on demand rather than at the end of the track.

by Rising Star Radian on ‎25-02-2012 11:17 AM

It could be as simple (for the user) as prematurely starting the crossfade with a click on the  >>|  button when track(s) are queued. This would work well with a playlist that had been queued-up for a party mix-tape, when things need to be moved on a bit. Like fisque said above, it spoils the mood otherwise. :smileysad:

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